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Goya Fiesta Rice Mix is a special blend of peppers, peas, corn, and wild grain rice already pre-cooked and pre-mixed for you, all you have to do is heat it up! Goya Fiesta Mix is fun and colorful and adds a blend of textures and crunchiness that are sure to please the palate. Goyas wild rice grain is actually derived from a form of long grain grass seed that is then mixed with trace amounts of brown and/or white rice grains. Goya Fiesta Rice Mix is a colorful, favorable fusion that combines grain with vegetables and zesty spices, which are all slightly pre-simmered in a savory chicken/vegetable broth. It is a low cost staple food and is such a nice touch on the regular, boring white rice. Each individual ingredient adds its own flavor and health benefits to Goya Fiesta Rice. The peppers are a high source of carotenoids which help to ward off chronic illnesses. They also add crunch and flavor to the rice mixture. The peas are great for the kidneys and contain a high amount of fiber and vitamin k. The corn is a low fact complex carbohydrate that is a great aid in digestion. When all these powerful elements are combined you have one power packed rice dish that is easy to make, no hassles, no mess, no prep work, that tastes great and that can only be found in Goya Fiesta Rice Mix, Oley!

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Goya Fiesta Rice Mix 8 oz

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goya fiesta rice mix 8 oz



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