Enriched and bursting with multi vitamins

minerals, and nutrients, Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice is an excellent choice to serve your family and the ones you love. The unique longness of the rice provides the rice with a lighter texture and helps to prevent the grains from sticking together when cooked. Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice is gluten and contains complex carbohydrates that provide long lasting energy. It is also a great supplier of essential amino acids that repair and build muscle tissue and they help to create antibodies that fight off disease. Unlike the short rice varieties, Goya Extra Long Grain Rice won t congeal when left to stand. It is both tasty and makes for great presentation when served alongside of a meat dish. Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice is a nice change to the regular rice and provides variety in taste, texture, nutrients, and flavor. You can still use it as a filler for burritos if you should choose, or serve it under some fresh veggies to create a stir fry. It is great on its own too! Goya is a reputable house hold name that has been serving the consumer since the 1900s. They are known for their high grade quality and inexpensive products that bring value to the table. Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice comes in a bag and is easy to use and easy to store, order yours today!

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Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice 3 Lb

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goya extra long grain canilla rice 3 lb



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