Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice

s a great source of fiber and is a great way to add nutrients and vitamins to any meal. Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice has been enriched with additional vitamins and minerals as well, thus giving you optimum levels for healthy body function and performance. There is thiamine and vitamin b1 which aids cellular processes. Long Grain Rice also contains folic acid and vitamin b9 and b3 which are good for converting food into energy. Rice, an all time favorite staple food, throughout the world, has traditionally been of the short, white variety, but Goya Extra Long Canilla Rice has different properties and contains more amylose than shorter rice varieties and therefore it will not stick together when prepared. Its a lighter, fluffier rice in which the rice grains will remain separate and it tastes great and compliments other flavors well. Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice - Arroz Canilla is low in fat and in cholesterol as well as in sodium and sugar content. It is low in gluten and easy to prepare. By eating long grain rice one promotes the healthy development of red blood cells and may reduce their chances of developing anemia. Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice cab be boiled or steamed or baked in a casserole. Goya Extra Long Grain Rice - Arroz Canilla works great as a side or even better as a main dish and provides a serving of healthy nutrients and benefits.

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Goya Extra Long Grain Canilla Rice 1 Lb

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goya extra long grain canilla rice 1 lb



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