Goya Coconut Milk is a sweet

diluted non dairy milk that is derived from the coconut and not from an animal. To produce the milk is a long process. Goya first picks the coconut from the tree and removes the fleshy white meat. Then the juicy meat is steeped in hot water. The white pulpy meat is later squeezed through cheesecloth and the water and juice is then collected to produce Goya Coconut Milk - Leche De Coco. Goya Coconut Milk is high in calcium which is good for the healthy development of bones and teeth. Goya Coconut Milk is also a good source of chloride, which has been noted to maintain healthy PH levels within the body fluids and cell tissue. The fat present in Goya Coconut Milk is also easily metabolized and quickly converts into energy, thus it does not tend to store easily onto the body as oppose to animal milk products; this makes it a good alternative for weight conscious consumers. Goya Coconut milk Leche De coco also boosts your immune system and helps to prevent infection and illness. Goya Coconut Milk is an excellent vegan drink and is soy free, nut free, and gluten free. Coconut Milk is also good for the skin and hair. It can be added to your bath to work as a moisturizer. Drink coconut milk raw or use in recipes to add a sweet taste and unique flavoring to tropical culinary dishes.

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Goya Coconut Milk - Leche De Coco 25 oz

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goya coconut milk leche de coco 25 oz



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