Pineapple an excellent source of vitamin

C and a tasty snack, now comes conveniently packaged in a can and ready to eat or use in a recipe. Goya Chunk Pineapple is packed fresh and tastes sweet and delicious. Goya Chunk Pineapple is conserved in its juices so its guaranteed to taste great and as if it were just freshly picked from the plant itself. Now you can enjoy pineapple all year long. Pineapple is a bromide fruit and provides a high amount of anti oxidants and citric acid. Goya Chunk Pineapple is conveniently husked for you and the juicy meat is cut into large pieces ready to be served in a fruit cocktail or poured into a pie crust . Goya Chunk Pineapple offers a sour and yet sweet taste that is sure to please the taste buds. Goya Chunk Pineapple can be stored for up to one year, so you don t need to worry about the fruit spoiling. Goya Chunk Pineapple can be eaten fresh and raw, or if you prefer, it can be cooked with pork and other meats to provide great flavor and the acids in the juice act as a tenderizer. Pineapple has been shown to help detoxify the body and break down protein. It is an excellent source of vitamins and is high in manganese. Get some Goya Chunk Pineapple for your kitchen, to have on hand, you ll be glad you did.

Goya Chunk Pineapple 20 oz

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goya chunk pineapple 20 oz



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