Goyas famous traditional rice now comes

ith chicken flavored seasonings. Goya Chicken Flavored Rice features vermicelli, which is a type of pasta noodle made from rice and a superb combination of flavorful seasonings. Arroz con Pollo, or Chicken Flavored Rice is an easy and convenient way to add variety and taste alternatives to your meals. Goya Chicken Flavored Rice comes conveniently in a ready to use box, all you need to do is boil until tender. Goya Chicken Flavored rice turns ordinary meals into extraordinary meals. Serve it as a dish to accompany any meat or vegetables, or use in a soup, or curry. Goya Chicken Flavored rice is a light, fluffier rice, so it doesn t congeal and clump together, as some other varieties do. Chicken flavored rice can be used as an alternative to any regular rice recipe or dish. Its quick and convenient and there is no fuss or mess. Goya Chicken Flavored rice is enriched so it provides a great source of instant energy and is high in fiber, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Goya Chicken Rice is also low in fat and cholesterol and is a nice way to add a touch of color, aroma, and flavor to your meal. Rice has traditionally been a common staple food for most people and now you can enjoy it with a tasty flavor.

Goya Chicken Flavored Rice 8 oz

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goya chicken flavored rice 8 oz



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