Whether you call it bouillon stock

or broth, it all means the same thing and is the basis for a great dish! Our Goya chicken bouillon cubes feature the highest quality products and ingredients and come in a convenient, easy to use cube. Bouillon cubes originated back in the day, when meats were grossly expensive. The idea formed originally as a less expensive alternative to purchasing the meat, by providing all the flavor of the meat, but without the cost. These bouillon cubes then became widely popular as a portable, instant soup. Due to their quick and easy use, all one needed was hot water to have an instant hot drink that soothed the soul. Our Goya chicken bouillon cubes are compressed extracts of dehydrated chicken stock and other fine herbs and spices that slowly dissolve when placed into hot water to create a great base for either soups, stews, sauces, and/or gravies. Bouillon cubes are also a great way to add flavor and variety to your rice dishes. Instead of boiling your rice in just plain hot water, boil it in our chicken bouillon base and taste the difference. Still to this day, our cubes provide a less inexpensive alternative and much more convenient method, as oppose to having to purchase the meat and then boil the bones and such in water, in order to get the flavor and quality that our bouillon cubes provide.

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Goya Chicken Bouillon Cubes 2.8 oz

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goya chicken bouillon cubes 2 8 oz



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