Goya Chick Peas Garbanzo Can consists

f high quality chick peas that are round and a pale cream color. They provide an interesting taste and texture and add a lot of substance to any meal. Goya Chick Peas Garbanzo Can are precooked so easy and time saving to use. You do not need to worry about all the pre-work that some beans require. Chick peas have a nice buttery texture and taste and will readily absorb the flavors of other ingredients around them. Chick peas are highly sought after and used for Mediterranean Cuisine. Goya Chick Peas Garbanzo Can is great to use in minestrone or other soups, or on salads, or in the popular falafel dish. They can be substituted for regular peas or beans and are used in the same manner. Goya Chick Peas are thick and hearty and thus allow you to feel fuller longer. This has been noted to aid in weight loss and weight maintenance. Goya Chick Peas also help to regulate insulin levels and are a great digestive tract aid. Chick Peas or Garbanzo beans have also been proven to help maintain a healthy colon. Goya Chick Peas Garbanzo Can take up less space in the kitchen and are so easy to use. Health experts have agreed that beans or lentils are excellent dietary supplements and should be incorporated into at least 3 servings per week.

Goya Chick Peas Garbanzo Can 29 oz

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goya chick peas garbanzo can 29 oz



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