Goya Can Sliced Beets are derived

rom the root of the sugar beet plant and are a deep, dark purplish-red in color. Goya Can Sliced Beets are picked after the first growing season and provide a sweet, smooth skinned vegetable that tastes great alongside a meal or prepared as part of your meal. This root vegetable is picked and then cooked and canned for you. The beets are harvested when they are younger, providing them with a slightly sweeter flavor as oppose to bitter. In addition, the experts at Goya have also taken the liberty to pre-slice the beet for you, saving you time, and energy. Goya Sliced beets have been proven to provide an excellent amount of phytonutrients, which are healthy substances produced from plant products and great for the body. Beets have also been shown to help remove toxins from the body and work as an anti-inflammatory. Sliced beets also contain beta carotene which is a nutrient that is high in vitamins. Goya Can Sliced Beets are slightly sweet and low in calories. They are also fat and contain nutrients good for the eyes, and studies show that they help to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Goya Can Sliced Beets are ready for you to use. Simply open and add to your salad or served alongside your main course. Goya Can Sliced Beets do not require cooking.

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Goya Can Sliced Beets 15 oz

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goya can sliced beets 15 oz



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