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n a variety of sizes, from the smaller 15 oz can for the individual, to this larger, 29 oz family sized can. Goya Black Beans Can is superior in its quality and simplicity. Critics rave about the great taste Goya Black Beans in a can provides well eliminating the treacherous amount of work and time required previously in order to enjoy black beans. Goya Black Beans in a Can are premium beans that have been handpicked and then shelled by the quality food inspectors from Goya. They are then strained and hand selected to produce only the finest beans. The beans are then pre-cooked for you and canned in order to provide a long lasting product. Now instead of having to wait long periods of time to enjoy the great tasting flavor of Goya Black Beans, you can simply open and enjoy! Have unexpected guests, show up at dinner? No worries, just pop open a can of Goya Black Beans, heat and serve! Now you can have enough beans on hand to feed the whole family. Goya Black Beans in a can still provide that mushroom like texture and smoky flavor and maintain their consistency although preserved. They are great for side dishes, or served over a bed of rice. Try them in dips, salads, as a paste, or what have you, use your imagination! Black Beans in a can, can substitute for any bean in any recipe.

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Goya Black Beans Can 29 oz

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goya black beans can 29 oz



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