Black beans are a highly sought

fter, popular bean in both Latin American Cuisine, and especially Caribbean cuisine. Goya Black Beans Can now offers a great tasting alternative to the traditional dry bean and requires no washing, rinsing, or overnight soaking. Goya Black Beans Can have already been pre-cooked for you to, so you do not need to worry about the long period of cooking time traditional beans require. Black beans are commonly used in dips, soups, and burrito filling. Black Beans are a meaty textured bean and taste something similar to the common mushroom. Goya Black beans provide a velvet like texture and are a smoother, more earthy flavored bean. Goya Black Beans Can consists of medium sized oval shaped black beans, that are dark and shiny, with a harder outer shell and thus are sometimes called the turtle bean. Goya Black Beans retain their shape and firmness well when heated. Black beans contain a high amount of molybdenum which detoxifies sulfates in the body. Black beans are a great dietary supplement and are especially beneficial for diabetics. Goya Black Beans Can, can be stored on your shelf until ready to use. Then simply just open the can and cook. You may rinse them if you desire to help remove some of the salt, otherwise they are ready to use. Once opened, simply refrigerate. Try Goya Black Beans in your meals and see how quick and simple and tasty they are!

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Goya Black Beans Can 15 oz

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goya black beans can 15 oz



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