Goya Bitter Orange meat marinate provides

n amazing citrus flavor in all your favorite meat dishes! Goya Bitter Orange Naranja Agria is made from freshly picked bitter oranges, sometimes called the Seville orange or the sour orange, for its unique tasting properties. Bitter oranges are native to Vietnam, but are now commonly found throughout the Mediterranean and are popular in Latin American cuisine. The Bitter orange in Goya Bitter Oranges provides a bit of a tarty tang. It is a little bit sour and makes the taste of the food you are cooking pop with flavor. Goya Bitter Orange Naranja Agria consists of a unique formula of special herbs and seasonings and the juice extracts of this fine fruit. The citric acid content works to soften meats and is easily absorbed by vegetables and other fruits as well. Use Goya Bitter Orange mixed with el yucateco, to make Conchinita Pibil, which is an authentic Mexican cuisine . Goya Bitter Orange is already prepared for you. It comes blended and ready for you to pour onto your meats or add into your soups and stews. Goya Bitter orange saves you time and energy. No more squeezing of the oranges yourself which can be time consuming and a lot of hard work, with Goya Bitter Orange, the work is already done for you and you can rest assured that you are getting just the right amount of complimentary seasonings. Pick up some Goya Bitter Orange today!

Goya Bitter Orange - Naranja Agria 24 oz

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goya bitter orange naranja agria 24 oz



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