We are all familiar with the

idely recognized, traditional name of Goyas Family and products, but did you now that they now offer an all purpose Adobo seasoning, without pepper? Thats right, Goya, a family tradition since 1936, has introduced a seasoning with ( or should I say without) a twist, Goya Adobo without Pepper. Now at long last, those of you who are allergic, or find pepper too spicy to ingest, can enjoy all the great flavorings of this all purpose seasoning, but with out the side effects of the pepper. Sometimes what they say is true, less is more and thats the case with Goya Adobo without pepper. All the same great flavoring and fine herbs and spices are used in this all purpose seasoning featuring oregano, garlic, salt, and tumeric. Goya Adobo without pepper comes in a convenient 8 oz or 28 oz sized container and you use still use it just the same. Shake it on top of your favorite dishes to enhance the flavors and aromas or let it soak into them over night as a great way to marinate meats and fish. Goya Adobo without Pepper is a great alternative for those who want all the taste but have a hard time ingesting the spice of the pepper. Try a bottle of Goya Adobo without pepper today, sin pimienta!

Goya Adobo Without Pepper 28 oz

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goya adobo without pepper 28 oz



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