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Adobo with pepper! You the consumers asked for it and now you got it; yet another great tasting flavor variety in the Goya Seasonings Family; it now features Goya Adobo with pepper. For those who don t know adobo actually refers to the combination of spices, chilies and vinegars used to make a sauce or a marinate; usually used for meats. Thus carne adobado is actually a type of meat marinated in adobado sauce, which now, with our Goya Adobo, you can make quick and conveniently from your home! And the best part is, that all the mixing and preparation is already done for you! This unique blend, Goya Adobo with pepper, contains just the right amount of pepper seasoning combined with just the right amount of garlic, oregano, and of course fresh pepper, in order to bring you a delicious, savory flavor to your table. Simply add it on to practically almost any meat dish including beef, poultry, fish, and seafood for an authentic, Mexican taste. Goya Adobo with pepper works great when used on meat and is best when left to marinate in the pepper seasoning mix overnight. For a mouth watering meat loaf, just add our Adobo with pepper seasoning, don t take our word, try it out for yourself. Goya Adobo with pepper, another flavorful experience brought to you by Goya!

Goya Adobo With Pepper 16.5 oz

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goya adobo with pepper 16 5 oz



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