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dd to your rack of spices in your kitchen! Goya Adobo Bitter Orange, this unique citrus blend incorporates the distinctive taste of naranja agria. Although not so pretty to look at, this variety of the common orange produces a succulent bitter orange flavor, as oppose to the sweet, tangy flavor that regular oranges provide, and it tenderizes and marinates all at the same time. It provides a zingy taste and compliments pork and poultry dishes best. However, Goya Adobo Bitter Orange can also be used on beef, seafood, and/or to season and add flavor to vegetables. The distinct bitter orange taste, is widely used and featured in traditional Cuban dishes and compliments a salad dressing well. Goya bitter orange is highly popular in Latin American dishes and South Indian cuisine as well. As with all of our great products, if its not Goya, its not that good! We here at Latin Products ensure quality products that are authentic and flavorful and feature the Goya name brand. Our bitter orange seasoning comes in a dry powder form and, as with all our products, is easy to use. Just simply shake it on top, coating your favorite foods in it and them leave them to marinate for a minimum of two hours , or best when left overnight to really infuse the flavor. Then once marinated, cook your favorite foods and dishes as normal, its that easy!

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Goya Adobo Bitter Orange 8 oz

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goya adobo bitter orange 8 oz



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