In todays world of the big

oda companies its hard to find one that carries a quality pineapple soda pop. There are colas and diet colas galore on the open market today. Just what is a person to do when their favorite flavor of soda pop tends to be fruit flavor, especially when that flavor is pineapple? Genuine Jamaican pineapple soda is here to quench the thirst that the colas just can t. The cold sweet taste of genuine Jamaican pineapple soda will satisfy even to the most stubborn sweet soda longing. Not only can you now find your favorite fruit flavored soda pop but it comes in two very convenient sizes. A 12 oz personal size for when you just want that pineapple refreshment for yourself. It also comes in the 2L bottle for those times when you may be entertaining friends or family on the patio or at the lake shore. The 2L bottle of genuine Jamaican pineapple soda is only $3.99 which is not a lot to pay for a quality soda today. This genuine Jamaican pineapple soda is a probably one of the best on the market today. With its vibrant color and sweet flavor its a favorite of kids all over. This is the soda pop that takes us all back to the days of childhood when the heat is stifling and finding cold water to immerse yourself in is the order of the day. This pineapple soda is not only a bottle of orange sweetness there are a lot of memories here too.

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Genuine Jamaican Pineapple Soda 2 Lt

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genuine jamaican pineapple soda 2 lt



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