Ginger Beer a common traditional refreshment

made right from the ginger root itself! Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer is an authentic tasting Ginger Beer that is both spicy, and yet crisp tasting, with bubbles of carbonation and sparkling sensation. Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer is a non alcoholic beverage that tastes strong and sharp, it is definitely flavorful! Enjoy Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer straight from the bottle or poured over some ice to get a bold, rich hit of genuine Jamaican flair. This Ginger Beer is guaranteed its authentic Jamaican Ginger Flavor for it is made with real Jamaican Ginger and Jamaica is known to be one of the three largest producers of this delicate, yet flavorful and aromatic herb. Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer is sweetened just a tad with real corn syrup, and also contains triple filtered, carbonated water, Jamaican Ginger extract, natural and artificial flavorings, as well as citric acid, sodium benzoate, and brominated vegetable oil, weird yes, but tasty, absolutely! Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer is a low carbonated soda like refreshment, that has a taste all of its own. Its a unique, refreshing soda with a jolt and it delivers a bit of kick. The taste is hard to describe in words and it really must be sampled for itself! Try the great taste and unique jolt that Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer has to offer!

Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer 12 oz

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genuine jamaican ginger beer 12 oz



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