Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer Soda in

two liter size! Now theres enough for everyone to enjoy this unique combination of heat and refreshment all at the same time. Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer Soda is like a combination of Malta and ginger ale. It is carbonated or infused with carbon dioxide bubbles that give it a sparkling cider like texture, but with the unique taste of real ginger and beer. The ginger used is from Jamaica, which is known to be one of the top three largest producers of it in the world! The ginger provides a bit of spicy taste, that is cooled at the same time and neutralized by the carbonated ginger ale. Its definitely a interesting combo that is both refreshing and re-energizing. Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer Soda is made with the extract flavoring of the ginger beer plant which is then pressurized, however it contains no alcohol. It makes for a great refreshment and has exuberant thirst quenching capabilities. Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer Soda is fun for the whole family and can be shared amongst friends. Pull it out for parties, or family gatherings for an unusual drink mixture that can be used as the base for other drink cocktails as well. Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer Soda is ready to serve and comes in a two liter plastic pop bottle with easy to twist on and off lid! It can be stored on the shelf, but should be refrigerated once opened.

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Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer Soda 2 Lt

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genuine jamaican ginger beer soda 2 lt



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