Genuine Jamaican Cream Soda 2 Ask

nyone who enjoys drinking a cream soda on a regular basis and they will tell you they are still searching for that one brand that truly satisfies their taste. Genuine Jamaican cream soda will satisfy the most discriminating taste. The wonderful beverage comes in a 2L bottle for your convenience. A 12 0z bottle of genuine Jamaican cream soda is simply not enough to keep the thirst at bay. At $3.99 a 2L bottle this cream soda beverage is quite the bargain. Sure they are probably less expensive cream sodas on the shelf but do they have the same great genuine Jamaican cream soda taste? The old saying goes that you get what you pay for, if you pay for lesser a soda that is what you will get and really, don t you deserve better. The crystal clear appearance of this cream soda makes it really stand out on the shelf. Take note that there is no cloudiness or darkness to this soda pop. Break the seal, screw the cap off and instantly the scent of cream soda fills the air. Not that a bottle of cream soda is a fine wine but those people who enjoy a good cream soda tend to treat it just the same. If you are looking for a great tasting cream soda, for a good price and unbeatable quality than you could do far, far worse than a 2L bottle of genuine Jamaican cream soda. What are you waiting for? Lt

Genuine Jamaican Cream Soda 2 Lt

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genuine jamaican cream soda 2 lt



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