This drum method book can be

used for private instruction as well as group lessons. * Private teachers will find that this method is comprehensive and practical. * The exercises, summaries, and rhythm studies will develop stick control, coordination, rhythm reading ability, and confidence. *The material will enable the percussion section to develop musicianship and provide musical accompaniment for the entire band. ??? rhythms are introduced and illustrated showing the method of counting and tapping of the foot. ??? Exercises are designed to develop each newly learned rhythm. ??? Summaries provide a continuous review of the newly learned material. ??? Rhythm studies exploit the newly learned material in all possible combinations * Every lesson builds on those that came before, giving students a chance to practice what they have learned and reinforcing skills that will be used over and over. * Intermediate and advanced students can use the material in this book in the following ways: 1. Flams can be played on all the quarter notes 2. Flam Taps can be played on all the eighth notes 3. Flam Paradiddles can be played on all the sixteenth notes * Private teachers and elementary band directors will find that this method assures a higher standard of musicianship for drummers.

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Fundamentals of Rhythm for the Drummer by Joe Maroni

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fundamentals rhythm drummer by joe maroni



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