Frescolita soda can is a portable

ay to keep an amazing refreshing drink with you anywhere you go. Its a name that comes from a Venezuela term that loosely translates into youre cool. What an appropriate name for this soda. How cool will you be with you pull out a Frescolita soda can and everyone else has the same old soda can at the lunch table. You know everyone is going to want a sip of your Frescolita soda can, good thing you were smart enough to by this soda in bulk. Although the name Frescolita looks like cola, it is not. A Frescolita soda can is filled with a delectable sweet taste more similar to cream soda, then that of a cola. Its additively sweet in just the right way refreshing taste, will have you reaching for another can soon after finishing the first. Especially when you are out in the hot sun all day, nothing would taste better then this sweet cold liquid sliding down your throat. People will ask where you got in, and when you tell them on the internet, they are going to be astounded that you did not pay one cent to ship it. When spending over $99, is available throughout the continental U.S. Something this good, did come off the internet and you can be the first of your circle of friends to discover it. The second person isn t as cool as the first, so hurry to have all your friends thanking you and linking the cool taste of a Frescolita soda can with your name.

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Frescolita Soda Can 11.5 oz (6 Pack)

# 1499869
frescolita soda can 11 5 oz 6 pack



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Woodstock, GA

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