There are a number of unique

oda pop flavors out there. That may well be an understatement. Frescolita soda 2 lt may well top the list. Its a bubble gum cream soda flavored cross. This Venezuelan soda pop is very big with the local population. With its totally unique flavor its easy to see why. Frescolita soda 2 lt bottles may well be exactly what the family ordered. Frescolita is something very refreshing on the soda pop market. It has an original bold taste that doesn t play off other colas. Its a cream soda flavored beverage that has a special taste to it that some say is quite reminiscent of bubble gum. Whether that is intentional or not does not detract from the fact that this one beverage stands out amongst all its competition. Frescolita is a perfect beverage on those hot summer days when you can t seem to get away from the afternoon sun. A tall glass poured over ice can chase away the heat on any day. At $8.99 a 2 lt bottle this brings that unique cream soda flavor right to you. It is the flavor that attracts. There are so many similarities in the cola world today. None of the colas seem to really taste all that different from each other despite their claims. Frescolita is the one that can say it really does taste different. Many people find it goes well in mixed drinks also. Frescolita brings that refreshing change of taste that so many people are looking for in a mixed drink.

Frescolita Soda Bottle 2 Lt

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frescolita soda bottle 2 lt



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