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drink thats nutritious, delicious, and one of a kind, you definitely need to try Foco Coconut Juice. Its high quality, and made from only young, tender coconuts, as opposed to its competitors that use the older coconuts that lack sweetness, so you know its delicious and succulent. This coconut juice also has high iron, calcium, and fiber counts, while being low in fat with no cholesterol. It really has the best of all worlds. Foco Coconut Juice is made from real coconuts, and is eighty percent juice, so you know its natural and not all watered down. If you hydrate yourself with this, you ll be quenching your thirst with something thats grade A in nutrition and taste, and be a truly unique experience. You know this coconut juice will give you the most any coconut juice has to offer, because its made from young coconuts before they loose their tenderness and sweetness. And that shows you the kind of quality thought and consistency Foco Juices puts into their many great variety like Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Mango, Guava, Sugar Cane and Tamarind. This coconut juice is made with your taste in mind, and is a definite pleases. And you ll feel so satisfied knowing that this amazing drink you have in your hand that tastes so delicious and rich is incredibly good for you and very natural. Enjoy the quality coconut juice that you absolutely deserve. If you need something to make you feel and taste good, savor the flavor of Foco Coconut Juice today.

Foco Coconut Juice 11 oz Contains Pieces of Real Coconut

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foco coconut juice 11 oz contains pieces real coconut



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