Elevated raised 18 inches tall dog

bowl feeder no cost for pet names Ole Woodcrafter???...Serving you and your pets for over 38 years. American Made Virginia Crafted On The NET Since 1999 Hello folks the Ole Woodcrafter here. I have been crafting wooden items for folks for over 38 years now. This beautiful wooden item is one of them. Having a little trouble finding a tall feeder for your tall furry friend. Well give your tall furry friend some help while eating with one of these wooden 18 INCHES TALL dog bowl feeders. This beautiful wooden feeder that I personally make by hand can be yours for just $36.99 Not only that I personalize each feeder at no cost by burning the pets name into the front of the wooden feeder. If you should have two pets I???ll burn the other name also at no cost. Folks the burning of the pet names is done my hand at a temperature of 1200 to 1800 degrees... an artwork called Pyrography which means in Greek.. writing with fire... another craft that I have been doing for 38 years... and I am more than happy to do this for you at no added cost. Not only that, two 2 qt stainless steel pet dishes comes with the feeder. Made from beautiful Red Oak hard board.. THATS RIGHT FOLKS.. ITS NOT PLASTIC!! These beautiful wood feeders will help your pet eat due the fact that it stands 18 inches higher off of the floor. since the bowls are in the feeder the dishes won???t be pushed about while the pet eats. This dog bowl feeder is 20 inches long, 10 ?? inches wide and 18 inches high. YOU GET... STAINLESS STEEL PET BOWLS.. I STAIN THE FEEDER.. I PUT 3 COATS OF POLYCRYLIC FINISH ON THE FEEDER.. I PERSONALIZED THE FEEDER WITH YOUR PETS NAMES. FOLKS I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR 38 YEARS NOW AND YOU MUST ADMIT THIS IS A GREAT DEAL! YOU ASK, But can I have it stained in another color? SURE CAN! I OFFER Early American, Cherry, Golden Pecan, Red Mahogany, Special Walnut, Colonial Maple, English Chestnut, Red Oak, Ipswich pine Golden Oak. GOLDEN OAK IS WHAT IS PICTURED ON THE FEEDER. JUST LET ME KNOW AND I will be more than happy to do that for you. God bless and have a very good day ****DON T FORGET YOUR PETS NAME**** If paying by paypal please place your pets name in the.. PAYPAL NOTE SECTION... OR email me at please don t worry I will confirm back to you as soon as I can. *** **** Items are shipped by USPS Items are shipped in 3 to 4 working days *** PAYMENT ACCEPTED *** PAYPAL

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Elevated raised 18 inches tall dog bowl feeder no cost for pet names

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elevated raised 18 inches tall dog bowl feeder no cost pet names



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