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Elastoplast Scar Reducer 7 x 4 cm Clear Patch 21 Patches Treatment
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Elastoplast Scar Reducer Clear Patch 21 Patches 

Elastoplast Scar Reducer is widely known in medical field for flattening, lightening and softening new and old scars on face and body in a natural way, particularly effective for raised, coloured and keloid scars. It permanently reduces the visibility of new and old scars by activating the skin's own regeneration process in a natural way. The transparent patches (made of Polyurethane) are virtually invisible as they blend with individual skin tones, and are suitable for sensitive skin. 

Usage & Application:
1. Apply for a minimum of 12 hours, day or night. 
2. Treatment duration is approximately 8 weeks, but may vary from scar to scar.
3. First results are possible after 4 weeks, depending on the individual circumstances of the scar.
4. Particularly effective for raised, coloured and keloid scars
5. Reduces the visibility of new and old scars on face and body

  • You are buying a box of Authentic Elastoplast Scar Reducer
  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Naturally flattens, lightens and softens new and old scars on face and body according to reliable clinical studies
  • Permanently reduces the visibility of new and old scars by activating the skin's own regeneration process in a natural way
  • Gets noticeable results in 4 to 8 weeks after use
  • Virtually invisible transparent patches
  • Each patch can be cut size to fit small scar area
  • If one patch is not big enough to cover the desired scar area, please cut another patch to put it onto the uncovered part of scar side by side
  • Fits on any part of the body, including the face
  • Safe use on both children above 3 years old and adults 
  • Its benefits has been clinically proven in patient trials to be effective in up to 90% of cases by flattening, lightening and softening raised, coloured and keloid scars.
  • Instructions in English and Chinese version available on the back of the Original printed box
  • Fresh stock valid for 2018
  • Brand New in Original Packaging (Printed box packaging may be different from that as per photo shown due to periodic change in graphic design without prior notice by the supplier) 
  • Wonderful treat for yourself or gift idea
  • Specifications:
  • Contents: 21 transparent patches in a box
  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • Size of each patch: about 7cm x 4cm or 2.76 inches x 1.57 inches
  • Size of box: about 10.7cm (Length) x 9.5cm (Width) x 3.2 (Depth) or 4.21 inches (L) x 3.74 inches (W) x 1.26 inches (D)
  • Product life lasts for about 3 weeks
  • Gross Weight: about 77.5g 
  • Warnings:
  • Do not use it for open wounds or burns.
  • Do not use it for babies aged below 3 years old so as to avoid the risk of ingestion and choking.
  • The packaging of this product contains Latex composition, which may have a chance to cause allergy symptoms


How does Elastoplast Scar Reducer work?

The transparent patches work well by activating the skin's own regeneration process naturally. Wearing the patch helps increase both temperature and pressure in the scar area, thus stimulating blood circulation in the connective tissue. Undergo 8-week consecutive treatment for 12 hours a day, new and old scars can be permanently flattened, lightened and softened according to clinical studies.

How is Elastoplast Scar Reducer used?

The elastic and skin-friendly patches are easily applied to the scar area. The recommending usage time is at least a minimum of 12 hours a day. For hygienic reasons, the patch should be changed after 24 hours. First results are possible after 3 to 4 weeks and best results will come out after 8 weeks of continuous treatment.

What types of scars do the patches apply?
Clinical studies have revealed that Elastoplast Scar Reducer become particularly effective in treating raised, coloured and keloid scars on face and body, new and old. From users' experience, the scars turn flatter, lighter in colour, softer and less visible after treatment.

Can a scar be totally removed after treatment?
No, it is not possible to entirely remove a scar. Yet, the patch can permanently reduce the visibility of the scar.

Does Elastoplast Scar Reducer fit every size of scar?
For larger scars, two or more patches can be used side by side on the scar area. And the patches can be cut to smaller size to fit small scar area.

Does the use of Elastoplast Scar Reducer cause painful?
No, the use of this product does not cause painful at all for it is specially designed to be worn for 4 to 8 weeks on the same scar area.

Are the patches suitable for sensitive skin?
The patches, made of polyurethane, are suitable for sensitive skin, and have been widely used for professional wound care for more than 10 years.

Do the patches work on caesarean scars?
Yes, the patches are particularly effective in treating raised or colored caesarean scars. 

Can I wear the patch when taking a shower?
Yes, you can wear the patch when taking a shower. Even though some portion of the patch become detached, they will stick again after the patch has dried.

What should you bear in mind when it comes to scar care?
Recent scars should be kept away from intense sunlight, high heat and extreme cold as temperature stimulus can adversely affect scar formation. Plus, tight-fitting clothes should not be worn for they may irritate the scar tissue. Use caution when doing stretching and strengthening exercises as the scar is very sensitive.  

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