Dried California Chiles are also known

s Anaheim Chiles. Those are also very mild Chiles come at 1 or 2 on the heat scale of 10. Those Dried California Chiles are of various uses to change the flavor and increase taste. When this Chile is dried up, it has become Dried California Chile. Also those are darker and deeper red. Also those Dried California Chiles are mildly pungent in odor. In case of nutritional value, those are of impressive quality. Dried California Chiles are rich in Vitamin A. For mild range sauce, those can be used widely. Also for Latin and Mexican traditional cooking, those can be of great use. Those Dried California Chiles can be used also for adding slightly pungent odor and mild taste alteration. Chile Guajillo California is one of those. This Chile Guajillo California provided here is of real quality. This Chile can be used for mild taste change. It has also got mild pungent odor. This can be used to alter the flavor of sauce which is normally built to provide mild heat. Chile Guajillo California has been made after collecting high quality Chiles. Also those are collected manually to ensure the quality. In addition, only the unbroken and whole goods are collected. Also for refinement of this Chile Guajillo California, recent technologies have been used. For the storage of Chile Guajillo California, airtight container with cool and dark space has been used. Also to prepare this Chile Guajillo California, there is no use of harmful chemical. Also health professional approves that this Chile Guajillo California is 100 percent health friendly. Also this Chile Guajillo California has been stored and refined in fully automated system.

Dried California Chiles - Chile Guajillo California 8 oz

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dried california chiles chile guajillo california 8 oz



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