Dried Ancho Chiles are dark and

rick red to mahogany color Chiles. Those have got medium thick wrinkled flesh and wide shoulders. Also Dried Ancho Chiles have got rounded tapering end. The Ancho of those Dried Ancho Chiles will be of 4 to 5 inches long. And also it will be flat. The heats provided by these Dried Ancho Chiles have been marked 3 to 5 at the scale of 10. These Dried Ancho Chiles can be used in salsa and soups. Also these Dried Ancho Chiles can be used in enchilada and any sauce needing mild heat. Also for Chili flavor, this is famous. The Dried Ancho Chiles available here are really of high quality. Those have been provided only after being qualified in the quality test. Also those have been refined and prepared in hygienic ways. Those ways are also approved by the health professional and nutritionists. Chile Ancho has been used widely in Mexico. Those Chile Anchos are dried poblano Chile. Also those Chile Ancho provided here are of high quality. Those are also hand selected to provide excellent quality. Only whole and unbroken fresh Chiles with deep color have been chosen. Also fresh scent will be there. The storage of those Chile Ancho has been made in airtight container. This airtight container is also cool, dry and dark to provide you the highest quality. Also those Chile Ancho have been refined in such way that those will have no health related hazards. Also this way is approved by the health professionals and nutritionists. If you are looking for quality, you can surely choose those Chile Ancho to add high quality flavor to your favorite dishes.

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Dried Ancho Chiles - Chile Ancho 8 oz

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dried ancho chiles chile ancho 8 oz



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