Delicia Horchata is the best option

or anyone who loves the sweet, frothy refreshment horchata. Its perfect for whatever you need horchata for, whether its to go with a meal or to quench your thirst on a hot day. Delicia Horchata is made from the highest quality ingredients, has the best taste, and is the easiest to use. Its concentrated, and the tiny little bottle makes a full two gallons of delicious horchata, and you ll enjoy every sip of it. Delicia Horchata, while exquisitely delicious, is simple and has just a few ingredients that make it so great. Delicia Horchata is made from rice, sugar, water, cinnamon, almond, and vanilla. Simple ingredients, yes, but when they come together they create an unbelievable taste that you d never expect from such every day ingredients. But it shouldn t be a surprise that Delicia makes such amazing Horchata, because when it comes to concentrated products, Delicia makes the best all the time. It also makes fantastic products like Jamaica or Tamarind concentrate. So pour, mix, and enjoy a nice cold glass of amazing horchata. A truly unique and one of a kind drink that you ll enjoy if you ve never tried before, Delicia Horchata will be a refreshing beverage you d never expect. Horchata is a drink loved by millions of people all around the world, chances are its perfect for you. You ll find that Horchata is everything you could ever want in a beverage.

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Delicia Horchata Concentrated 32 oz

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delicia horchata concentrated 32 oz



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