The first Roman Emperor to adopt

Christianity, Constantine the Great, built a Roman capital in the eastern part of the Empire . In 330 AD, Constantinople became the administrative center of the Empire. Within two hundred years, Constantinople rose as a center of Christianity and the major city of Byzantium or the Byzantine Empire. Byzantium may be defined as a multi-ethnic empire that emerged as a Christian empire, soon comprised the Hellenized empire of the East and ended its thousand year history in 1453 AD as a Greek Orthodox state: an empire that became a nation by the modern meaning of the word. Historians define the Middle Ages as beginning with the fall of Rome in 476 AD and ending with This 5"X7" set of historical replicas includes Byzantine coins includes four portrait coins. The first reproduction is a medallion of Constantine I, the first Christian Roman Emperor. Three portraits of Christ complete the set. These three coins replicas of original coins struck during the thousand year history of the Byzantine Empire.These coins are replicas of original pieces. The are not original coins. These historic replicas are part of the REPRODUCTION section. All coins have the word COPY stamped on the reverse. We accept PayPal for payment. For domestic shipments we use USPS First Class Mail for $3.00 for one set or $4.00 two or more sets. Priority Mail is available for $5.00. We us Priority Mail International flat rate envelope for $13.00 for international shipments. Please sign up for our newsletter for gift and holiday suggestions. On Jan-04-10 at 09:18:00 PST Sellebrity Analytics: Perform A/B analytics testing and compare ads.

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(DM-4a) Byzantine Empire - Historical Replicas

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dm 4a byzantine empire historical replicas



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