Cola Lacaye Banana Soda now comes

n a convenient 12 ounce, individual sized bottle. The perfect alternative for when its just you! Cola Lacaye Banana Soda bottle provides the same great tasting carbonated soft drink that we have all come to enjoy, but now in a personal sized glass bottle. Grab it to go! Take it with you to school, work, or the beach. Cola Lacaye Banana Soda bottle is a product of Haiti and is a unique flavored soda that will leave your taste buds dazed, but dazzled. Try it served with a scoop of ice cream on it for a delicious treat on a hot day. Or serve it one ice for a refreshing and unique flavor from the lands of Haiti. Cola Lacaye Banana Soda bottle that is distributed by the Brooklyn Bottle Company which has been providing beverages since the 1900s and today is one of the largest, independently owned distributors in the U.S. Cola Lacaye Banana Soda in a bottle is a non alcoholic beverage and is based on Caribbean soft drink flavors. It is a true cultural enjoyment and refreshment that should be tried by you and yours! Cola Lacaye Banana Soda bottle will give you a mouth watering tingle as the bubbles pop and dance along your tongue, and the soothing effervescence will wet your whistle for sure! Try Cola Lacaye Banana Soda in a bottle today!

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Cola Lacaye Banana Soda Bottle 12 oz

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cola lacaye banana soda bottle 12 oz



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