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Classics Film Library DVD Take a trip back to the 50's when life was much simpler and everything you needed to know was taught to you by films that you watched in class. Films that would teach you how to be responsible, how to develop good social manners and table/eating skills, how to deal with others better and much more. Of course in today's world, these views seem simplistic and even amusing. This is a great collection of vintage 50's era films that will actually teach good lessons but at the same time make you laugh at how things were portrayed back then. Here are all the films that make up this historical collection: Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners (1959) The puppet Mr Bungle shows kids how to act when they are in the school cafeteria. It shows proper table manners and how to relate to the other children in a positive manner. Production Company: Coronet Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 9:32 Let's Be Good Citizens at School (1953) Teaches children how to be careful to respect their items and those of others and also how to make others feel welcome in their social groups. Producer: Camerart Pictures Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 8:45 How Quiet Helps at School (1953) Teaches the lesson of quiet and civility in the classroom and shows how this environment is better suited to learning than a rowdy classroon environment. It also demonstrates the proper way to study and makes it clear that there is nothing wrong with some noise and rowdiness as long as it is on the playground and not in the classroon. Producer: Coronet Instructional Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 10:11 The Bully (1952) This film tells the story of Chick, a young and large teenage boy. Chick discovered early on in life that being big allows him to bully others. This film explores the problems created by Chick's bullying of his classmates. Producer: Centron Productions Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 10:22 Mind Your Manners (1953) Good manners are important and they are no more important than when you are interacting with your peers. This film explores good manners and demonstrates how and why they should be applied to all sorts of situations. It also demonstrates how good manners help you get along with others. Producer: Coronet Instructional Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 10:36 Shy Guy (1947) Phil - played by Dick York - is starting at a high school and has no friends. Phil's father sits down with him to teach him how to get along with the others in the school and how to make friends. His father's advice was to be helpful to the other students and that will make him popular with the others. Taking his father's advice to heart, he helps others, shakes off his shyness and becomes popular with the other students. Producer: Coronet Instructional Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 12:48 Good Table Manners (1951) Table manners are important. They tell a lot about upbringing. And that is no more important than to a teen boy who may need to impress girls. This is a story about a 14 year old boy who is uncomfortable with is table manners and just can't grasp what the right manners are for a party. He meets himself as a 21 year old man who then educates his younger self on good table manners in a simple to understand way. The young man then goes to the party, has a good time and commits no social blunders. Producer: Coronet Instructional Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 10:19 Act Your Age (1949) Young Jim often acts immaturely at school and one day marks his desk with doodles. He gets sent to the principal who educates Jin on the challenges of growing up and shows Jim that thinking through problems is a much more successful pattern than acting out the childish behaviors that arise from acting without thinking. He then sends Jim back to fix the desk. While doing so, Jim looks at a variety of situations he and his classmates experienced and thinks them through to see how they could have been handled differently. Producer: Coronet Instructional Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 12:31 School Rules: How They Help Us (1953) Rules are important.They let everyone know their place and what is expected of them. There are rules at home and at school. This film looks at a variety of those rules and demonstrates how those rules actually make life better and more safe. It also explains why the rules must be obeyed as to not do so can cause problems later in life. Director: Ted Peshak Production Company: Coronet Instructional Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 10:13 Gossip (1953) Gossip is bad. It can hurt people either intentionally or unintentionally. This film clearly demonstates the harm gossip can cause to others. Producer: Sid Davis Productions Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 10:05 The Gossip (1955) Explore the impact of gossip on a high school girl and how it affects her interactions with her social group. It also demonstates how a gossip, even one spewing untruths, can become the center of attention in her social group. Producer: Centron Corporation Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 12:44 Table Manners (1947) Learn manners from the master as Emily Post discusses manners at a dinner party. She gives detailed and formal directions for how to handle most awkward food situations such as what peice of silverware should be used for a particular course, how to deal with unwanted bits of food, how to eat more awkward items like soup and spaghetti and much more. It also shows some examples of bad manners to contrast against the good manner approach. Producer: Christy Associates, Inc. Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 10:07 As Others See Us (1953) Discussed manners in a variety of situations young people find themselves in. It concnetrates mostly on how to present yourself at both formal and infomal gatherings. Producer: Premier-Hardcastle Productions / Social Science Films Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 9:30 Social Acceptability (1957) This film explores being accepted socially has a major influence on growing up to be a successful, well adjusted adult. It covers the responsibilty of the parent to work with the children to help make these adjustments and shows what happens when the parent does not participate in a positive manner. Producer: Crawley Films, Ltd. Audio/Visual: Sound, Black White Run time: 19:01 Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a DVD. It is region so it can play on DVD players anywhere in the world. All our DVDs are professionally produced and packaged in DVD cases. This allows you to easily store them with your DVD collection. Our DVDs are designed to play on all home DVD players and all computer DVD players. They are region free, NTSC productions. Please be aware that in many instances, the master films of these old films are not of the same quality as a modern mega-million dollar production and from time to time, you may notice small quality imperfections that you would not see in a modern production. 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Classic Classroom School Good Behavior, Shyness, Bullying Manners Films DVD A5

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classic classroom school good behavior shyness bullying manners films dvd a5



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