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ecipe are loyal to this product: Cholula hot sauce. Cholula hot sauce gets it unique flavor from a blend of spices, piquin peppers and red peppers. The 2 oz Cholula hot sauce bottle is a regular at many barbecues around the U.S. The great thing about Cholula hot sauce is that it can be used in all types of dishes. Add a generous amount of Cholula hot sauce if you really want to make a culinary impact, or put just a dash of Cholula hot sauce for a more interesting taste in your dishes. Cholula hot sauce is a classic Mexican sauce from Jalisco, Mexico, so you are always assured of authentic Mexican flavor when you buy Cholula hot sauce. Some household consume so much Cholula hot sauce, that it makes more sense to buy in bulk. A dozen 2 oz bottles of Cholula hot sauce is Available Here.

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Cholula Hot Sauce 2 oz

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cholula hot sauce 2 oz



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