Chiles are green and immature vegetables

These vegetables become red at maturities. This Chile puya is one special type of chile while closely resembles to the guajillo chile. The size of this Chile puya is a bit smaller than the guajillo. Also Chile puya is more intense in taste. Those are hotter too. A fruity flavor is available with those Chile puya. Chile puya is normally used to enrich the flavor of the foods. It is basically not used for the flesh. Chile puya can be soaked in water and after that can be roasted at high heat. After that, those have been pureed. Chile puya available here are really of high quality. Those have been collected after strong research and refine procedure. Those are refined and protected in such way that there will be no harm with it but you can enjoy the flavor undoubtedly. Dried chile puya are those types which have been dried a lot. These are also of great demands due to hot and immense flavor. This dried chile puya is also used for its flavor. Its flesh is not important. The dried chile puya available here are really of impressive quality. Those are refined and prepared for marketing in fully automated and hygienic system. Also this system to refine is approved by the health professionals. Those dried chile puya can be of great comfort to use. You can use these dried chile puya for making various sort of foods with increased taste. Also no harmful chemical has been used to refine and protect. Only the very best dried chile puya are provided here. Also those have been collected after strong researching and refining.

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Chile Puya 1 Lb

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chile puya 1 lb



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