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Indian Book Collection on CD The Cherokee Indian book collection is an archive of 44 historic books relating to the Cherokee Indian in the 1800's and early 1900s. Included in this collection are fascinating works relating to their music, culture, mythology, medicine and struggles with the expansion of the United States. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below. Cherokee hymns (1909) - 106 pages The Cherokee singing book (1846) - Murphy, H. C. - 96 pages Cherokee reservations (1858) - 20 pages Cherokee Indians (1838) - 16 pages Cherokee hymn book : compiled from several authors, and revised (1896) - 104 pages Myths of the Cherokee (1902) - Mooney, James - 630 pages The Cherokee nation of Indians .. (1898) -King, V. O. - 19 pages John Ross and the Cherokee Indians (1914) - Eaton, Rachel Caroline - 238 pages The removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia (1907) - Lumpkin, Wilson; De Renne, Wymberley Jones - 710 pages History of the Cherokee Indians and their legends and folk lore (1921) - Starr, Emmet - 686 pages Indians of North Carolina (1966) - 20 pages Reminiscences of the Indians (1869) - Washburn, Cephas; Moore, James W - 247 pages Compiled laws of the Cherokee Nation (1881) - Adair, John L. (John Lynch) - 382 pages Constitution and laws of the Cherokee Nation (1875) - 299 pages Symposium on Cherokee and Iroquois Culture (1961) - 302 pages Payment of interest in Cherokee judgment (1916) - 48 pages Letters and conversations on the Cherokee mission (1830) - Tuttle, Sarah - 252 pages Sketch of the life of Elder Humphrey Posey : first Baptist missionary to the Cherokee Indians, and founder of Valley Town School, North Carolina (1852) - Fleming, Robert - The Swimmer manuscript : Cherokee sacred formulas and medicinal prescriptions (1932) - Mooney, James; Olbrechts, Frans M. - 366 pages List of Cherokee general fund warrants unpaid August 20, 1898 (1898) - 118 pages Annual session of the Cherokee Baptist Association, North Carolina (1925) - 402 pages The Cherokee physician, or, Indian guide to health (1849) - Foreman, Richard; Mahoney, Jas. W. (James W. Justice, William S. - 327 pages Cherokee and earlier remains on upper Tennessee river (1922) - Harrington, M. R. (Mark Raymond) - 420 pages Eoneguski, or, The Cherokee chief : a tale of past wars Volume 1 (1839) - Strange, Robert - 235 pages Eoneguski, or, The Cherokee chief : a tale of past wars Volume 2 (1839) - Strange, Robert - 215 pages Peachtree mound and village site, Cherokee county, North Carolina (1941) - Setzler, Frank M. (Frank Maryl Jennings, Jesse David; Stewart, T. D. (Thomas Dale) - 182 pages Cherokee Indians : memorial of the heirs of families of the Cherokee Nation of Indians, and the children of their heirs and representatives, and praying redress for the wrongs and injuries they have suffered by the officers of the United States in relation to certain reservations and pre-emptions of lands, and indemnities for improvements and spoliations (1848) - 76 pages Moses Whitmire, trustee for the freedmen of the Cherokee nation, v. the Cherokee nation and the United States (1909) - 124 pages Memorial and argument submitted to the Cherokee Commissioners, in the claim of Nancy Reed and children, Cherokee Indians of North Carolina, for the value of a reservation of six hundred and forty acres of land : granted to them under the eighth article of the Cherokee treaty of 1817, as modified and continued by the second article of the treaty of 1819 ; also, A memorial of the Eastern Cherokees, and a report of the committee of the Senate in relation to the claims of the Cherokee Indians against the United States (1847) - Thomas, William Holland - 30 pages Allotment of the lands to Delaware Indians (1904) - 278 pages Memoir of Catharine Brown : a Christian Indian of the Cherokee nation (1825) - Anderson, Rufus - 194 pages A treaty held with the Catawba and Cherokee Indians, at the Catawba-Town and Broad-River in the months of February and March 1756, by virue of a commission granted by the Honorable Robert Dinwiddie... published by order of the governor (1756) - 52 pages The Cherokee land lottery, containing a numerical list of the names of the fortunate drawers in said lottery, with an engraved map of each district. By James F. Smith (1838) - Smith, James F. - 614 pages Eastern band of Cherokees of North Carolina (1892) - Carrington, Henry Beebee - 64 pages History of the Moravian missions among southern Indian tribes of the United States (1923) - Schwarze, Edmund - 364 pages Indian migrations, as evidenced by language : comprising the Huron-Cherokee stock, the Dakota stock, the Algonkins, the Chahta-Muskoki stock, the Moundbuilders, the Iberians (1883) - Hale, Horatio - 38 pages The Cherokees in pre-Columbian times (1890) - Thomas, Cyrus - 120 pages Literature of the Cherokees ; also, bibliography and the story of their genesis (1889) - Foster, Geo. E. (George Everett) - 132 pages Se-quo-yah, the American Cadmus and modern Moses : a complete biography of the greatest of redmen, around whose wonderful life has been woven the manners, customs and beliefs of the early Cherokees, together with a recital of their wrongs and wonderful progress toward civilization (1885) - Foster, Geo. E. (George Everett) - 288 pages Occoneechee, the maid of the mystic lake (1916) - Jarrett, Robert Frank - 342 pages Tour of the American lakes, and among the Indians of the North-west territory, in 1830: disclosing the character and prospects of the Indian race Volume 1 (1833) - Colton, Calvin - 362 pages Tour of the American lakes, and among the Indians of the North-west territory, in 1830: disclosing the character and prospects of the Indian race Volume 2 (1833) - Colton, Calvin - 408 pages The removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia Volume 1 (1907) - Lumpkin, Wilson; De Renne, Wymberley Jones - 384 pages The removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia Volume 2 (1907) - Lumpkin, Wilson; De Renne, Wymberley Jones - 342 pages This CD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) 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