Camaronazo Mild Tomato And Shrimp Cocktail

s a unique, FIRST of kind shrimp tomato juice cocktail that has hit store shelves in California, Nevada, Arizona, Mexico and recently Mexico in 32 oz and 16.1 oz bottles. The beverage caters to the consumers taste for shrimp (Camaron). Camaronazo Mild Tomato And Shrimp Cocktail is quickly growing and becoming extremely popular and recognized among Hispanic consumers. There are many tomato juice-clam cocktails in the market but Camaronazo is the First shrimp-tomato juice cocktail in the US market and mexico. Exceptionally easy to drink with an inviting aroma, crisp, smooth and refreshing taste, Camaronazo can be enjoyed by itself or used as a food base compliment for many Hispanic dishes. Camaronazo can also be served as a great combination drink mixed together with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The very popular mixed drink known as the Michelada a traditional Hispanic drink meaning my cold beeris listed in our recipes as a CHELAZO?; a combination of your favorite beer mixed with Camaronazo Regular or Camaronazo Picante has grown in popularity!

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Camaronazo Mild 32 oz Tomato And Shrimp Cocktail

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camaronazo mild 32 oz tomato shrimp cocktail



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