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DVD Media Cleaner to Bring Most Those Dirty Scratched CD???s, DVD???s and Game Discs Back to Life! No Need to buy a pricey machine or kit to fix most discs Now You Can Enjoy Stall-Free Skip-Free entertainment from Your Discs again! Compatible with all DVD s, CD s, CD-R, DVD-ROM, PS1, PS2, GameCube, XBox, 3" or 5" Discs. Our kit contains both specialized heavy duty cleaner/scratch repair compound and a bonus bottle of plastic protectorant sealer. Restore MOST Damaged Computer Storage Media Discs FAST. THEN PROTECT THEM WITH OUR SEALER Save Big money when you don t have to buy a replacement! Please note some disc that are severely scratched suffer fatal damage and this product cannot restore those severe cases. You Can Easily Clean, Renew Restore Most Of Your CD/DVD/Game Discs in minutes with this professional product. Our Professional Space Age Product Effectively Reconditions Your Discs By Cleaning, Reducing and Repairing Scratches and minor Scrapes. You???ll get "Like New??? Performance and Improved Video and Audio Function. Anyone can do this in minutes! Then protect again future premature wear with our special plastic protectorant sealer! We give your valuable discs more protection than our competition 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee! This is a Professional grade product. You ll get enough to do about 50 plus CD/DVD type discs! 1 1/2 oz jar of heavy duty cleaner and 1/2 once bottle of sealer/protectorant Not all discs are repairable. Severe abuse damage, discs that have been bent and cracks may render your disc beyond repair and replacement may be the only answer. No product or machine will repair that kind of damage. Formula Lensclear TM Cleaner is simply the Best!

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CD DVD Disc Cleaner Scratch Reducer Repair Polish For XBox PS Wii Video Data

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cd dvd disc cleaner scratch reducer repair polish xbox ps wii video data



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