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code 718 (Brooklyn) semi vanity phone number. The number is (718) 568-9597. Your number will come ported onto a T-Mobile pay as you go (prepaid) triple cut SIM which means it can be used as a standard, micro or nano SIM. You can leave the number with T-Mobile or you can port it to another wireless or landline carrier, see the last part of the listing for details. When it arrives, it will have a positive balance of at least $5 and you can immediately place the SIM into a T-Mobile phone and make/receive calls and send/receive texts. The current plan is set to their minimum plan, $3 which is good for 90 days but includes only a combination of 30 minutes/texts. It will ship the next business day via USPS Priority Mail which is 2-3 days, depending on where you live. Due to the sensitive nature of the item, an active phone number and T-Mobile account, returns are not accepted. Please be 100% certain that you want this number before you make payment. KEEPING YOUR NUMBER WITH T-MOBILE: If T-Mobile is the carrier that you wish to use with your new, super cool phone number then you have two options. One, you can keep it as a prepaid line and when the SIM arrives you simply go to and complete the online registration so you can manage your account online. The current plan is set to their minimum plan, $3 which is good for 90 days but includes only a combination of 30 minutes/texts. Once you ve created your login info and all that, you can then change the plan and add funds. The second option is if you are a current T-Mobile customer, specifically on a contract plan. You can do a T-Mobile to T-Mobile port, you would call them and request to have your prepaid line phone number (the one you receive from me) ported to your current contract line. USING YOUR NUMBER WITH A DIFFERENT CARRIER: If you do not wish to use T-Mobile as your provider, no problem. The number can be ported to another wireless carrier or a landline or voip provider. Wireless to wireless ports (T-Mobile to AT T for example) are easy and usually very fast. Landline and voip ports can take a bit longer and I recommend you contact your provider to ensure the number can be ported. Please contact me prior to doing so as you will need to know the entire number when you inquire.

Brooklyn Area Code 718 Semi Vanity Phone Number T-Mobile Prepaid SIM (718) 568-9597

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brooklyn area code 718 semi vanity phone number t mobile prepaid sim 718 568 9597



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