A non programmable easy to use

power supply timer. Set the amount of time you want the power to be on and the timer will stay on for that amount of time and will turn off and won t turn back on until you reset it. It has three prongs on the back to plug into common household outlets. This unit is well built and is great for controlling the amount of time the power is on to protect your items from overcharging or simply mimimize the time the power is on so you don t waste electricity. Timer is for indoor use only. Examples of uses for this timer are: battery charger, iron, cell phone, camcorder, camera, towel warmer, christmas lights, heater Settings are: on, 1hr, 2hr, 4hr, 8hr, off This timer is "UL Listed". For people the don t know, "UL Listed" products meet the standards governed by the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. company, which is one of several companies approved for such testing by the U.S. federal agency OSHA.

(Battery charger timer) - outlet power supply digital

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battery charger timer outlet power supply digital



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