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your hits - Vendio Gallery Payment | | Additional Information Antique Edwardian Embroidery Irish Crochet Book CD 1912 Click to view supersized image Richardson s American Beauty Book CD Republication(TM)! Originally Published 1912! If you are the first to bid on this auction, using the buy-it-now option, you win! Up for bid is another lovely Dakota Prairie Treasures Antique Edwardian CD Republication(TM), the Richardson s American Beauty Book, Number 8 , with instructions for a variety of needlearts plus scores of patterns! These folks proviced some of the best instruction books for the needle arts ever published! The experienced needlecraft and facywork artisans of the late 1800 s and early 1900 s clamored for this type of item and with good reason! (Original is NOT for sale) All Dakota Prairie Treasures CD Republications™ are viewable on Windows, Mac and Linux pc operating systems! This 167 page CD Republication covers the gentle art of using linen, cotton or other materials, needles and various threads (silk, linen and cotton) to make the daintiest (but also amazingly sturdy) decorative embroidered doilies, centerpieces, photo frames and tea cloths for the classiest of homes. I have also reformatted the original 77 PATTERNS for these etchings to full size (with many of shown in the listing collage) for your stitching pleasure! Wow! This makes a TOTAL of 244 pages in this CD Republication(TM)! This should keep you in stitches for a long, long time! FYI: You may trace these patterns to your fabric at the size provided for your customized finished products or easily enlarge or reduce them using a copier machine. You can see this book will keep you busy a long time making beautiful, dainty, colorful decorative soft home furnishings and fabric items for you and yours, as gifts or to sell! This HISTORIC item contains scores and scores of images, color plates, instructions, designs and fundamentals for creating the extremely handsome soft furnishings of the Edwardian era! You will also find historical facts on this ancient craft as well as various RARE and UNIQUE guidelines to assist you along the way to recreating the needleworked items of a classy and gentile society! These instructions are characteristic of the fancy work done by our oh-so-feminine lady ancestors during the Victorian and Edwardian Eras! This is the perfect opportunity to purchase your own version of another wonderful craft book revealing our heritage from early America and Europe! An excerpt: A simple and easy course of lessons on embroidery suited to the needs of the beginner and helpgul to the experienced and professional embroiderer . Especial attention is called to the illustrated lessons and beautiful designs for Punch, Medieval, French and Eyelet, Italian Cut Work and Raised Embroidery. The pages of full working size designs, including complete alpahbets (two sizes), borders, towels, costumes and lingerie, are worth several times the price of the book. The designs for crocheted and knitted ariticles will appeal to all women interesting in this fascinating work. All color Plates of flowers come with Marked Diagrams which include colors used, stitch direction and order of color blending! Contents: Introduction Stitches for Modern Embroidery Stitches for Punch Embroider Raised Stitches for Rambler Roses and Other Small Flowers Medieval Embroidery French and Eyelet Embroidery Color Plate 1: American Beauty Rose Types of Stitches Outline Stitches German Stroke Stitch Cord Outline Stitch Kensington Outline Stitches Stem Outline Stitches Couching Stitches Chain Outline Ox-Chain Stitch Russian Outline Stitch Feather Outline Stitches (5 variations) Snail Trail Outline Stitch Covering Stitches. Bullion (3 variations) Lazy-Daisy Stitch French Knots Long and Short Stitch Embroidery Solid Embroidery with Opus Plumariun or Featherstitch Shading Solid Emboidery Color Plate 2: Geranium Flower Petal Turn-Overs Stem and Branches Different Parts of a Flower Direction of Stitches Description of Seven Plates of Full Working Size Embroidery Designs Plate 1. 3 Rambler Rose Patterns Plate 2. 5 Florals Butterfly, Swags, Continuous and Pillow or Towel French and Eyelet Designs Plate 3. 4 French and Eylet, and Punch Embroidery Patterns Plate 4. 4 Punch Embroidery Patterns Plate 5. 3 Combinations of Punch, Medieval and French Embroidery Plate 6. 5 French Knot Embroidery Color Plate 3: Holly and Violets (Two pages had been removed from the original by the original owner and therefore are not included in this CD) Partial Alphabet Set T-Z Full Alphabet Set A-Z Illustrations and Discriptions of the Latest Designs Manufactured by the Richardson Art Linen Department (These designs have been reformatted and enlarged to full-page size for your ease of use!) French and Eyelet Embroidery Patterns Beribboned Bells Flower Sprays Dove with Olive Branch Design for Centerpiece Beribboned Basket and Floral Vines Centerpiece Color Pate 3: Columbine Butterfly Centerpiece Wheat Centerpiece Punch Embroidery Designs Dining Room Set Rose Centerpiece and Narrow Rose Runner Punch, Medieval and French Embroidery Designs Butterfly Centerpiece Medieval and French Embroidery Designs Color Plate 4: Violet and Golden Rod Outline Embroidery Pattern Wheat Sheeve Clover Solid Embroidery Patterns Fullblown Rose Daisies Pine Cones Conventional Floral Design Coventional Rose Wreath Conventional Rose #1 Conventional Rose #2 Lazy-Daisy Embroider Designs Rambler Roses and Butterflies Raised Embroidery Designs Button Roses and Violets Italian Cut Work Designs Wild Roses French Knot or Meadow Embroidery Thistles Color Plate 5: Jacque Rose Descriptions of Full Page Illustrations Corset Cover in French and Eyelet Embroidery Slip-Over Corset Cover in Punch, French and Eyelet Embroidery Lingerie Shirt Waist in French and Eyelet Embroider Shirt Waist in Punch and French Embroidery Slip-over Corset Cover in Punch, French and Eyelet Embroidery Lingerie Shirt Waist with Grapes and Leaves in French and Eyelet Embroidery Shirt Waist Medallion Designs in Punch and French Embroidery Lady s Kimono in Outline Embroidery Fancy Collar Designs in French and Eyelet Embroidery Daisy Petals Butterflies Floral Boudoir Cap Fancy Tea and Work Aprons Butterfly Apron French and Eyelet Apron Shadow Embroidery Apron Dainty Novelties for Baby s Use Bonnets Bibs Baby Pillows Carriage Robes Pin Holder Shirt Holder Wall Decorations Baby Clothes Rack Designs for Men Gentleman s Toilet Set Shaving Pads Despenser Pipe Rack Collar Bag 2 Slip-Over Pillow Case Designs for Day Use Initials for Marking Color Plate 6: Clover and Buttercups Half-Solid Embroidery Skeleton Embroidery on Violets Color Plate 7: Bridesmaid Rose Laudering a Rose Design Color Plate 8: for Cherries Color Plate 9: Carnation Color Plate 10: Sweet Peas Color Plate 11: with Eight Floral Motifs Violets Apple Blossoms Buttercup Bachelor Buttons or Corn Flower Red Clover Yellow Daisy Wild Rose Carnation Illustrations in This Issue of the American Beauty Book Richardson s Latest Table of Beneral Shading and Key to Colors for the following flowers including for centers, stems, foliage, anthers, buds, spots, stamens, thorns, Apple Blossums Azaleas Autumn Leaves Arbutus Asters (Yellow, Pink, Purple White) Bachelor Buttons (Yellow, pink) Buttercups Begonia Bleeding Heart Bitter-sweet Berries Baby Blue Eyes California Pepper California Poppy Cherries Corn Flowers Chrysanthemums (Lilac, pink, red, yellow) Clover (Pink, red, white) Carnation (Pink, yellow, white) Clematis (Purple, red) Columbine Cosmos (California) (Purple, white) Cactus (Red, yellow) Cyclamen (pink, red, blue) Currant (red, unripe) Daisies (white, yellow) Dogwood Dandelion Daffodils Evening Primrose (pink, yellow, red) Forget-me-nots Flag Lily Fleur-de-lis (purple, yelllow) Maiden Hair Ferns Fuchsia (pnk, purple) Grapes (purple, Delaware, white) Gernaiums Golden Rod Holly Heliotrope Honey Suclke Hops Hyacinth (white, pink, purple) Hollyhock (pink, red, yellow, purple) Hibiscus Iris Ivy (English) Ivy (German) Jonquil Lilac (white, purple) Lilly (Japanese) Lily (Easter) Lily (Calla and Water) Lily (Tiger) Love-in-a-Mist or Ragged Lady Morning Glory (blue, purple, pink, red) <agmp;oa Nastrtiums (yellow, red, brown) Orchis (purple, pink, yellow) Orange Blossoms Poppy (red, pink, yellow) Pansy (purple, yellow) Rose, Wild Rose, Yellow Rose, American Beauty Rose, La France Rose, Marcechal Neil Rose, Moss Rose, Jacqueminot Rose, Bridesmaid Rose, Bride or White Rose, Catherine Mermet Rose, Golden Gat Strawberries Sweet Peas (pink, purple) Thistle Tulip (red, yellow) Trumpet Violet (purple, yellow) Verbenas (pink, purple) Wheat Wisteria Wisteria, Japanese Irish Crochet and How to Make It (ncludes thread size, amount needed, hook size) Abbreviations of Terms Filet Crochet Handkerchief Bag #5 with Tassels (size 6x7 inches) Filet Crochet Reticule #6 with Tassels (size 6 x 9 inches) Irish Crochet Reticule #1 Irish Crochet Opera Bag #2 with Pedants (size 6 x 6 inches) Irish Crochet Reticule #3 with Pendants (size 6 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches) Irish Crochet Handkerchief Bag #4 with Fringe (size 7 x 8 inches) Irish Crochet Waist Set #7 includes Yoke and Sleeve Edging Irish Crochet Collar and Cuff Set #15 Irish Crochet Hat Band #16 Irish Crochet Evening Cap #17 with Pendants Irish Crochet Jabot #1 Irish Crochet Jabot #2 Plus a number of advertisment pages for needlework goods. What a historically educational and delightful art instructional piece this is! Pretty much everything you need to make the dainty silk Victorian household embroideries but the antique or vintage threads, fabric, hoops or frames, etc. Those can be readily found on Atomic Mall! You just have to hunt a little bit! :) Or, you can obtain the contemporary materials at your nearest fabric or craft store... The ladies of earlier times put their hands to such marvelous work and now you can too! These are beautiful items and sure to delight you and yours! These instructions are very clear and easy to follow and yet the experience fiber art and thread worker will be capable of altering as per individual needs and artistic whim. The CD Republication you will receive is representative of the types of needlework expertise of earlier feminine American culture!!! If you re into nostalgia like I am you will have many hours of enjoyment making/recreating vintage/antique needlework items for yourself or others dear to your heart just the way your great-grandmothers did! This information has been scanned onto CD-ROM using the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format. You may download the latest version of this software quickly at . This is NOT a copy of another CD-ROM. You will receive an ORIGINAL CD reproduction of this resourceful dressmaking item. The text is viewed easily from your computer or you may choose to print each page as you read this amazing item on antique frock making. Every page has been meticulously scanned, cleaned and burned to preserve this ANTIQUE item s information and patterns to CD-ROM! The format of this resource has so many more advantages than the original book. What are the benefits of an antique book CD Republication(TM) * Every image and every page has been scanned at a high dpi to produce crystal clear images and you never have to deal with any crumbling old paper! * These scans are completely sizable. You can enlarge and print according to your visual needs! They are reformated in full-page sizing for better viewing of details, etc.! * Each page is saved in PDF format at high resolution and is readily accessible using the downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader software program. This program is very user friendly and allows you to print any one specific page, pages or the entire CD contents! * Each time you want to use an image, a page or pages you can print it out. Every one will be as crisp and clear as the last! * YOU WILL FIND YOUR CD REPUBLICATION HAS A HUGE ADVANTAGE OVER A BOUND HARDCOPY PAPER REPRODUCTION, IN THAT, IF YOU SPILL COFFEE, TEA OR SODA ON YOUR PRINTED PAGE(S) YOU CAN JUST PRINT ANOTHER! * A CD REPUBLICATION PROVIDES YOU WITH UNLIMITED CLEAN COPIES FOREVER! * Each CD-ROM comes in a PROTECTIVE CASE! Curious about the quality of these scans Please contact me and I will forward an image for your own personal inspection! Scale it, edit it, print it to fit your needs and you are surely going to be quite pleased with the results! You will appreciate the attention taken in providing a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that you will use for many years to come... Payment: I prefer Paypal but also accept Bidpay, money orders or personal check. Shipping: Within the United States: $3.50 USPS. Out-of-country (including Canada): $4.50. Insurance is optional and runs $1.30 per $50 increments per shipment. Combined is available for all Dakota Prairie Auctions ending within 48 hours. Bead and CD auctions are shipped separately in order to insure they arrive in the very best condition at their home! You may opt to purchase insurance to cover your item. INSURANCE is optional. We offer our own private insurance for items up to $25 in value and postal insurance for items over $25 value. Copyright restrictions: All Dakota Prairie Treasures CD products, designs images are manufactured, copyrighted owned by us (as is all listing text photos). CD designs or images, or any part thereof, may NOT be reproduced, used in lessons or duplicated in any media format to be resold or shared (either individually, as a package, as machine embroidery products, etc.) without Dakota Prairie Treasures prior written consent. You are permitted to use our products information for needlecraft items you make for yourself, as gifts, or for items you may produce to sell. However, the original designs images remain the exclusive legal property of Dakota Prairie Treasures. Any all violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Returns are allowed for replacement on CD products due to manufacturing defects only. Payment Back to Top USA customers: I prefer Paypal but also accept money order or personal check. International customers:payment is accepted via Paypal only. Buyer to contact me within 3 days of auction close. All payments must be received within 10 days following close of auction(s). Email address for Paypal payments will be included following the close of the auction. Please visit out other auctions and store listings at http://stores.Atomic for other items of similar interest! Thank you! I accept the following forms of payment: PayPal Money Order Personal Check Western Union Auction Payments Money Order & Handling Back to Top Please visit out other auctions and store listings for other items of similar interest at http://stores.Atomic ! Thank you! USA customers: I prefer Paypal but also accept money order or personal check. International customers:payment is accepted via Paypal only. Buyer to contact me within 3 days of auction close. All payments must be received within 10 days following close of auction(s). Email address for Paypal payments will be included following the close of the auction. $3.50 USPS First-Class Mail® $4.50 Canada Air Mail $4.50 International Air Mail Letter Additional Information Back to Top image hosting (including supersized) with Vendio Sales Manager.Make your listings stand out with Vendio custom templates! Listing automation and scheduled listings by Vendio. On May-04-06 at 16:35:11 PDT, seller added the following information:

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Antique Edwardian Embroidery Irish Crochet Book CD 1912

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