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your hits - Vendio Gallery Antique Depression Era Home Houses Floor Plans CD 33! Click to view supersized image Houses of Stone CD Republication(TM) Originally Published 1933! If you are the first to bid on this auction, using the buy-it-now option, YOU WIN! There is no chance of being outbid! DON T WAIT! Up for bid is a CD-ROM REPUBLICATION(TM) of the original Houses of Stone originally published 1933! This author provided some of the best books of the time regarding 1930 s stone home and building architecture and floor plans! The low to moderate income families of the time clamoured for this type of item and with good reason! (Original is NOT for sale) All Dakota Prairie Treasures CD Republications™ are viewable on Windows, Mac and Linux pc operating systems! This HISTORIC item contains 171 pages of line drawings, floor plans, front and/or side elevations, and fundamentals for creating the extremely handsome ORIGINAL 1930 s ERA STONE HOMES and OUTBUILDINGS! There are 24+ DIFFERENT HOUSE FLOOR PLANS included! If there are multiple floors per house the floor plans for all levels are included! Many of the designs range from several-room dwellings to multi-level structures with many planned spaces, such as: kitchens, dining rooms, pantries, breakfast nooks, bathrooms, washrooms, stairways, bedrooms, interior pathways, attics, balconies, fireplaces, halls, screened and unscreened porches, sleeping rooms, breakfast rooms, sleeping porches, central chimneys, external chimneys, sunrooms, closets, cupboards, offices, attached laundry, etc! You will find this an insightful guide to assist you along the way to recreating the household architecture of a classy and gentile society! Architects, students of design, architectural historians, old house restorers, researchers and historical home preservationists will find this book of home plans on cd a spectacular source book of authentic Depression Era home designs! Here is an OLD, resourceful and exceptional home architect, house and floor plan CD REPUBLICATION. These homes are the essance of the characteristics of the homes built by our American ancestors during the 30 s Depression Era! This is the perfect opportunity to purchase your own version of another wonderful instructional book revealing our heritage from early America and Europe style! Table of Contents: Part One An Imaginative Discussion of Stone Masonry Houses Chapter 1. The Significance of Field Stone as a Building Material Chapter 2. Why are handlaid stone house not more numberous Chapter 3. Is a Stone Veneer House a Masonry House Chapter 4. Concrete Ideal Structurally but not always Ideal Artistically. Chapter 5. Where does the Flagg House Fit Economically Chapter 6. Is Flagg Masonry a Fake Chapter 7. Where does the Flagg House Fit Artistically Part Two On Planning the House Chapter 8. Money Chapter 9. First Experiences with Flagg Houses. Chapter 10. Ceiling Heights. Chapter 11. Rules for Economical Design of Masonry Houses. Chapter 12. Discussion Plan 117. A House of Units Designed to Grow. Chapter 13. Discussion Plan 72. A Small House for a Bachelor. Chapter 14. Discussion Plan 124. A Small Studio House. Chapter 15. Discussion Plan 122. A Small Six Room Cape Code House. Chapter 16. Discussion Plan 57. The Author s House. Chapter 17. How Does a Side Hill Lot Affect Costs Chapter 18. Discussion Plan 118. A Small House on a Side Hill for a School Teacher. Chapter 19. Discussion Plan 129-A. A House on a Side Hill Built Around a Garden and a Pool. Chapter 20. Discussion Plan 104. A House on a Side Hill Planned to Take Advantage of a Distant View. Chapter 21. Discussion Plan 114 and a Few of Its Variations. Plans 115 and 48. Chapter 22. Discussion Plan 128 and Its Later Growth. Chapter 23. Discussion Plan 68 - Plan 114 Grown Up. Chapter 24. A Simple Problem in the Arithmetic of Design. Chapter 25. Insulation and Ventilation - Air Space Versus No Air Space. Chapter 26. Plan 203. A logical Combination - Concrete and Steel. Chapter 27. Plan 203. A logical Combination - Concrete and Steel. Chapter 28. Security Versus 1929 s What Price Glory. Part Three Technical Details of Flagg Masonry Construction Chapter 29. Evolution of the Stone Wall to the Flagg Stone Wall. Chapter 30. Details of Flagg Masonry Construction. Chapter 31. Details of Finish of Exterior and Preparation of Interior. Chapter 32. Some Hints on Interior Finish. Chapter 33. What Does Flagg Masonry Cost Chapter 34. How to Estimate the Cost of a House. Chapter 35. Advice on Selection of the Land on Which to Build. Chapter 36. Price Does it Classify a House Photographs The Headquarters of the Author s Family, Built from Stone Picked Up within a Radius of 200 Feet of the House Itself. (Plan 57) White-washed Flag Masonry. The Design Smacks of Bermuda. The Site Called for a Farmhouse Type. Actually Quite a Large House tho the Low Side Walls Conceal it Well. Stone Houses are More Easily Molded to the Site than Frame. No Matter How Small, a Stone House could never be Called a Bungalow. Gables are Always Interesting. The Low Ceiling Adds RAther than Detracts from the Size of this Room. A Rough Peasant Type of Colonial Interior. A House should Always Look as tho it had Grown Slowly. This Simple Rectangle Seems just a Seed around which a Real Home should be Built (Plan 72) A cupboard no more Authentic - No Better Looking than this could be had from an Antique Dealer A Stock Colonial Fireplace. A Corner of the Author s Living Room Showing Deep Windon Reveals Characteristic of Stone Houses, the Window Sill Pine Panelled Rooms are always Attractive Plans 114 and 115. Still another Variation of Plan 114. Color was the Vogue Two Years Ago Before and After Living Room Plan 114. Plan 128 A. It Grew and Grew. Steel and Concrete. A Logical Combination. Plan 203. Designed to Grow. A Studio Ceiling Gives Quite a Little Dignity to a Room. Plan 151. Molding to the Ground. Flagg Masonry has a Texture and Beauty of Its Own. Fireplace Being Poured. Plan 72 Again. A Small Stone Cottage Being Built. Upper Cut Shows Outside Forms in Place...Lower Five Days Later Close to the Road to Give Privacy in Rear A Relief from the Old Meethod of Hanging the Laundry in the Rear and Rubbernecking and Being Rubbernecked on the Old Type Front Porch. The Back Yard of the House. An Expensive but Most Gracious Type. Studio Ceilings are not Beyond the Average Pocketbook when Finished in Pine and Fir. An Unusual Kitchen. A Small Cottage. Smooth Plaster - Cove Molding - Black Slate Window Sills Combine to Breed Trim Formality Stone and Shingle Combined Logically. Shrieking for Help with the Grounds. This information has been scanned onto CD-ROM using the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format. You may download the latest version of this software quickly at . This is NOT a copy of another CD-ROM. You will receive an ORIGINAL CD of this resourceful book. The text is viewed easily from your computer or you may choose to print each page as you read this amazing book on antique stonework. Every page has been meticulously scanned, cleaned and burned to preserve this ANTIQUE book s information and patterns to CD-ROM! The format of this resource has so many more advantages than the original book. What are the benefits of an antique book CD republication * Every image and every page has been scanned at high dpi to produce crystal clear images and you never have to deal with any crumbling old paper! * These scans are completely sizable. You can enlarge and print according to your visual needs! They are reformated in full-page sizing for better viewing of details, etc.! * Each page is saved in PDF format and is readily accessible using the downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader software program. This program is very user friendly and allows you to print any one specific page, multiple pages or the entire book! * Each time you want to use an image, a page, or pages, you can print it out. Every one will be as crisp and clear as the last! * Each CD-ROM comes in a protective case! Curious about the quality of these scans Please contact me and I will forward an image for your own personal inspection! Scale it, edit it, print it to fit your needs and you are surely going to be quite pleased with the results! You will appreciate the attention taken in providing a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT that you will use for many years to come... Payment: I prefer Paypal but also accept Bidpay, money orders or personal check. Shipping: Within the USA $2.50 USPS. Out-of-country (Canada included) $3.50. Insurance is optional and runs $1.30 per $50 increments per shipment. Combined is available for all Dakota Prairie Auctions ending within 48 hours. Bead and book actions are shipped separately in order to insure they arrive in the very best condition at their home! You may opt to purchase insurance to cover your item. INSURANCE is optional. We offer our own private insurance for items up to $25 in value and postal insurance for items over $25 value. Copyright restrictions: All Dakota Prairie Treasures CD products, designs and images are manufactured, copyrighted owned by us (as is all listing text photos). CD designs or images, or any part thereof, may NOT be reproduced, used in lessons or duplicated in any media format to be resold or shared (either individually, as a package, or as machine embroidery products) without Dakota Prairie Treasures prior written consent. You are permitted to use our products information for items you make for yourself, as gifts, or for items you may produce to sell. However, the original designs images remain the exclusive legal property of Dakota Prairie Treasures. Any and all violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Returns are allowed for replacement on CD products due to manufacturing defects only. Payment Policy USA customers: I prefer Paypal but also accept money order or personal check. International customers:payment is accepted via Paypal only. Buyer to contact me within 3 days of auction close. All payments must be received within 10 days following close of auction(s). Email address for Paypal payments will be included following the close of the auction. Please visit out other auctions and store listings at http://stores.Atomic for other items of similar interest! Thank you! Policy Please visit out other auctions and store listings for other items of similar interest at http://stores.Atomic ! Thank you! USA customers: I prefer Paypal but also accept money order or personal check. International customers:payment is accepted via Paypal only. Buyer to contact me within 3 days of auction close. All payments must be received within 10 days following close of auction(s). Email address for Paypal payments will be included following the close of the auction. $3.50 USPS First-Class Mail® $4.50 Air Mail Canada $4.50 International Air Letter Post Additional Information image hosting (including supersized) with Vendio Sales Manager. Listing automation and scheduled listings by Vendio. On May-04-06 at 16:35:13 PDT, seller added the following information:

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Antique Depression Era Home Houses Floor Plans CD '33!

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