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Mannequin Model Mia. Wigs, clothing, accessories, and props are not included. The mannequin comes with a glass stand and a support. Easily assembles in minutes - (assembly instructions at Item ships within 1 business day of cleared payment via Fedex (signature required). Dimensions (approximate): Height: 69.25" (188 cm) Shoulders: 17.0" (59 cm) Chest: 34.0" (100 cm) Waist: 25.5" (76 cm) Hips: 36.25" (96 cm) Please read our policies before placing an order. We also have answers to frequently asked questions at our website Assembly instructions and other "how to" articles are available at We have only a partial listing of our inventory here. For a more complete listing, see our catalog (listed here on Artfire) or visit our website at amt-mannquins. com. Although the mannequins are technically made in a factory, they are hand finished. As such, there will be slight variations in finish and color. The colors are also hand-made for each production run so there will be variations in color even if you purchase the same mannequin model. Mannequin models do change from time-to-time so if a particular model is important (say it s part of your branding) then you should purchase multiple copies at the same time. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to locate the same exact model in the future. We have a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) on our website. You are also welcome to send us an message or email if you have a question that hasn t been addressed. Check out our customer forum to share your questions and experience with other people just like you. 3 day return/exchange policy. Unless the wrong item is shipped or damaged, Buyer is responsible for return costs. Items that must be reshipped will be billed the additional charges. Contact us if you receive a damaged mannequin using the messaging system or by email at customer.service at amt-mannequins. com Items ship within 1 business day of cleared payment. Mannequins are shipped using Fedex Ground/Home Delivery with signature required. You will receive a tracking number by email. Make sure you have your current email listed so you receive the notification and provide a phone number in the event Fedex has delivery problems. Please check your SPAM folder in case the email was routed there. If you are not familiar with how to track your package using the website, contact us at any time for a status update on your shipment. Our email is customer.service at amt-mannequins. com or visit our website amt-mannequins. com. Mannequin dimensions are approximate. You should size your clothing AFTER you have the mannequin in hand as clothing manufacturers differ in how they size their products. Also, there are multiple ways to take one s measurements. For these reasons, we do not quote sizes for hats, shoes, bras, gloves, or clothes. Keep in mind, mannequins tend to be larger than most people realize. On our blog (blog. amt-mannequins. com), we provide instructions for assembling your mannequin as well as other "how to" subjects such as packing your mannequin for storage. See our website for details. We also have a Forum where you can exchange ideas with other customers. is expensive due to the size of the packed mannequins. Although mannequins are not heavy, the carriers treat them as "oversized" and charge based on the greater of the actual weight or the dimensional weight. This also why we cannot combine mannequins for purposes. California buyers must pay 8.75% sales tax. Given that you are subject to this tax, we offer a discount for buyers within state. Email us at customer.service at amt-mannequins. com or contact us through our website amt-mannequins. com. Warehouse pickups - if you purchase a minimum of 5 mannequins, you may save the cost of by picking up your items at our warehouse. Email us for details. Used/Damaged mannequins - we often receive requests for damaged mannequins for art projects, repairs, or for spare parts. Normally, we have very few damaged mannequins available, but if you re looking for one, drop us an email customer.service at amt-mannequins. com. Tell us what your looking for and how much damage you are willing to accept. We ll check to see whether we may have a mannequin that can meet your needs. Bulk buyers: We have facilities in California, Calgary Canada, and Cologne Germany to accommodate your orders. Our facility in St. Louis will be ready soon. Payment is through Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, we can send you an invoice through the Paypal system which accepts credit cards. We encourage you to ask questions about your mannequin before you purchase

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AMT Mannequin - Model Mia (standing female)

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amt mannequin model mia standing female



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