iRenew FLEXIBILITY FOCUS 100pcs Black and

or White iRenew ® s BioField Technology??? iRenew ® Energy Balance System??? Products with BioField Technology??? Work To Rebalance Your BioField* Energy Balance System??? products are a simplistic, cost effective, 100% safe, user-friendly solution for helping to correct and maintain your delicate, personal energy system.* Every day, our biofields are impacted by flickering computer monitors, irate bosses, cell phones, emotional stress, tabloid television, and traffic jams just to name a few. We are literally bombarded with electromagnetic radiation and unnatural frequencies that can wear us down. When our biofield is out of balance, we re out of balance. Bringing your biofield to a more balanced state is believed by many to increase mental and physical performance, reinforce our natural immunity to stress and enhance our sense of well-being. Biofield Therapy - The Science of Healing Although it seems like magic, it is actually science! It is believed by many that the unnatural energy fields in our environment disrupt the natural energy frequencies on which our biofield operates causing an imbalance throughout our personal energy system. iRenew ® biofield therapy products with BioField Technology??? utilize a proprietary nano based technology to harness the natural frequencies which are everpresent in our environment and use them to tune and rebalance your biofield back to a more natural, coherent state.* This process is beyond magnetic technologies and ionic jewelry. Biofield therapies are fast becoming the science in healing! Your Life s Energy is Your Biofield iRenew ® Energy Balance System??? products with BioField Technology??? are fast becoming one of the safest, most effective, non-toxic, user friendly biofield therapy wellness products of the 21st century.* You may experience not only the amazing, immediate results but over the course of time could experience more profound, long term results as a result of consistent use of the product.* Results will vary among users due to the fact that everyone has different areas of health that could benefit as a result of a more properly balanced personal energy system.* Try it today and see which areas of your personal health and wellness become improved as a result of a more balanced biofield!* You can t block the unnatural energy fields emitted from electromagnetic devices and you can t eliminate every form of stress in your daily life. But you can however, start to care for your biofield by using iRenew ® s Energy Balance System products.* Our biofield therapy products work to keep your own personal energy system balanced in the midst of an unbalanced world.* Experience the revolution of science for wellness and preventative healthcare. Experience energy medicine. Balance your body. Balance your life! 100 pieces Black and/or White TO US straight from the manufacturer via EMS with tracking number !! Each piece is $2.50 and retails for $19.99 There is a HUGH profit margin!!! Please tell me if all black or all white or whatever combination of each!! 7 - 11 days shipped excluding weekends and holidays!!

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iRenew FLEXIBILITY FOCUS 100pcs Black and/or White

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irenew flexibility focus 100pcs black white



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