A Wood Spoon Cucharita de Madera

is a must have for any kitchen! A common household tool, the Wood Spoon has long since been a tradition among families for generations. Our Wood Spoon, Cucharita de Madera is an awesome food prep tool and is great to use for stirring, mixing, and especially when preparing baked goods and desserts. The Wood Spoon, Cucharita de Madera, is traditional and authentic and highly inexpensive. The use of The Wood Spoon dates back to ancient times and was originally made from a chip of wood, carved by hand and was quite the invention in its time. The Wood base of the spoon is crafted of a highly durable pine wood, and it provides a safe surface that won t scratch your pots or pans or ruin their fragile, Teflon finish. It also won t affect the flavors of the foods that you are mixing and there is no terrible metal on metal scratching sound when mixing in your pots. The Wood Spoon, Cucharita de Madera is commonly used as a useful kitchen tool, and aids to cream butter and sugar together and it will not transfer heat so no burned fingers! Add the Wood Spoon, Cucharita de Madera to your collection and bring a bit of tradition home! Order yours today, maybe order two and give one to a loved one to complete their home kitchen collection.

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Wood Spoon 14" - Cucharita de Madera

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wood spoon 14 34 cucharita de madera



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