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War II Newsreels Film Library 4 DVD Set This is a collection of 74 Universal Newsreels relating to WWII and other events during the years 1937-1945. The entire collection, on 4 DVDs, is almost 7 hours in length and is arranged in chronological order. Because of poor storage conditions of some of the original films, the quality of some of the newsreels in this collection is poor but they are included due to their interesting content. Here are all the newsreels that make up this historical collection: U.S. Faces War Says Roosevelt , 1937/10/06 (1937) "Chicago: In a ringing speech, President Roosevelt warns of a steadily-increasing danger of armed conflict menacing the United States. Without naming any nation as responsible, the Chief Executive finds a threat in present attacks from the air on civilians, and ships attacked and sunk by submarines in time of peace and without cause or notice. Gravely, the President asserts that if such things can happen in other parts of the world, America cannot feel secure for long. Universal Newsreel presents the President's speech as a historic document, and gives with it a dramatic view of incidents of aggression which called forth Mr. Roosevelt's impassioned warning." scenes of parade outdoors, sound of FDR speaking outdoors under tent, silent scenes of war inserted into FDR's speech, FDR says I Hate War. All Nations Shaken By War Crisis , 1938/09/19 (1938) "Washington, DC: In the face of a possible world conflict abroad, Pres. Roosevelt summons his cabinet officers for a conference on the European crisis. (2) Paris, France: Premier Daladier and Foreign Minister Bonnet fly to London, where they and Prime Minister Chamberlain move to exert pressure on Czechoslovakia to grant Hitler's demands of Sudeten territory annexation. (3) England: Braemer, Scotland, King George cuts short a visit at the colorful Scottish games to rush home for conference with his 'War' Cabinet. (4) Germany: Goose-stepping soldiers march toward the Czech border as 'incidents' arise to threaten peace. Italy: Mussolini exorts his followers and declares his nation will side with Germany, war or no war! (5) Russia: The Soviet Republic, 'key' factor in the crisis, displays its military might as a warning to the fascist bloc. (6) Czechoslovakia: Between the 'fying pan' of British and French pressure, and the 'fire' of Nazi aggression, Pres. Benes takes a firm stand against annexation." scenes include White House, barrage balloons, Mussolini. (some parts silent in this partial newsreel without narration) Special Release - Europe At War! , 1939/09/04 (1939) (1) "Dramatic scenes of a conflict that may envelop the world in flames! Hitler's war machine rolls into Poland, encouraged to strike by the pact with Stalin's 'Red' Russia. With Danzig seized, Polish infantry and cavalry rally to the defense of their homeland. Italy remains in the background, while Nazis pour into the Siegfried Line to stem a possible Allied thrust. England: Tense eleventh-hour scenes in London, as Prime Minister Chamberlain declares a state of war exists! Troops mobilize and iar raid defenses are manned to prevent bombing attacks. Thousands of helpless children are evacuated to the countryside! France: The French war machine swings into high gear as France follows the lead of Britain in claring war! Bus-loads of troops leave the city enroute to the 'Front.' Eight million men under arms, ready to strike! The Maginot Line ready to repulse any attack!" (no sound) (2) Pres. Roosevelt Pledges To Keep U.S. Out Of War - "Washington, DC: President Roosevelt, his peace efforts failed, appeals for national unity in the crisis and pledges his fight for neutrality!" scenes of newsreel cameras and radios, sound of FDR speaking in the partial newsreel without narration Washington DC , 1940/05/13 (1940) "Washington DC: Strongly condemning the Nazi invasion of Holland and Belgium, President Roosevelt tells the 8th American Scientific Congress that the Americas are shocked and angered by Hitler's newest attack!" (only sound of FDR speech) (2) "Washington, DC: Reverberations of the 'Blitz-krieg' stir America! Envoys of Belgium and Holland say their nations will resist to the last! State Dept. and Cabinet officials call at the White House to discuss U. S. strategy in the latest war crisis!" scenes of envoy speaking, says that the Netherlands are resisting the German attack; another envoy speaks, says that King Leopold, like his father King Albert, opposes German invasion of Belgium. America Not Secure Against Brute Force Says Cordell Hull , 1940/05/15 (1940) "Washington, DC: Cordell Hull, Secretary of State, warns Americans to re-arm, to prepare against the threat of 'brute force'! Meanwhile, Gen. John J. Pershing, head of our Army during the World War, returns to lend his weight to speeding defense measures." (sound of Hull speaking) Mrs. F.D.R. In Red Cross Appeal , 1940/05/22 (1940) "Washington, DC: In a stirring appeal to the public to donate $10,000,000 to the Red Cross War Relief Fund, Mrs. Roosevelt says that the horrors of war abroad make necessary contributions from all Americans!" (sound of Eleanor Roosevelt speaking) Gen. Pershing Urges U.S. Rush Planes, Arms To The Allies , 1940/06/10 (1940) "Washington, DC: Gen. John J. Pershing, commander of the A.E.F. in France, says the 'Allies are fighting a war for civilization' and urges the country to send them unlimited supplies of planes, arms and ammunition!" Deanna Durbin Appeals For Donations , 1940/07/01 (1940) "Universal City, California: Deanna Durbin takes time off from production of her picture, 'Spring Parade,' to make an appeal for donations to the war relief fund." Nation's Draft Lottery Held , 1940/10/30 (1940) "Washington, DC: Historic scenes as the first peace-time draft in the U.S. gets underway! Secretary of War Stimson draws out the first number, No. 158, and as Pres. Roosevelt broadcasts a message to the country, America's youth prepares to answer the call to arms!" (2) "Philadelphia, PA: Exclusive pictures of the metal drum used as a draft lottery bowl during the Civil War. It was unearthed along with old recruiting posters." Roosevelt Warns Of Danger To U.S. If Nazis Win War , 1940/12/31 (1940) (1) "Washington, DC: President Roosevelt tells the world that the U.S. is determined to aid Britain, that the Americas will be in constant danger if the Axis poers win the war, and that the United States must become a great arsenal to supply England with arms." scenes of FDR speaking at his desk, Fireside Chat #16 (2) North Sea Action - "Thrilling scenes as Nazis attack a British convoy. A warship commanded by the king's cousin is hit by a Nazi E-boat. Daring rescue work follows and other ships tow the crippled destroyers safely back to port." Halifax Says Hitler Invasion Will Fail , 1941/03/27 (1941) "New York, NY: Britain's Ambassador, Lord Halifax, addressing the Pilgrim Society on the British war situation, says the British spirit is such that the threatened Nazi invasion of England is doomed to failure." (speech sound) (2) "Newark, N.J., When Bruiser Burns meets 'Blimp' Levy in the Laurel Gardens ring, anything goes. No holds barred and the rougher the better. So when 'Blimp' Levy is tossed out of the ring, the house, literally, almost comes down." wrestling scenes include crowd sound. Aid Britain Says Hull , 1941/04/29 (1941) (1) "Cordell Hull Urges 'Quick' Aid To Britain "without hesitation" - "Washington, DC: American aid must get England and get there quickly, or it won't help anybody, the Secretary of State declares at a meeting of the Society of International Law." (2) More Taxes For Defense - "Washington, DC: American taxpayers will face the prospect of much higher taxes next year, Treasury Secretary Morgenthau tells Congress committee. Americans are willing to pay the price for adequate defense, he says." Soldier Welfare Service Launched At Monster Rally , 1941/05/22 (1941) (1) National Defense Highlights - "New York, NY: Addressing 15,000 parents, wives and sweethearts at the opening meeting of the United Service Organizations campaign, Thomas E. Dewey urges everyone to 'get behind' our fighting forces." Dewey speaks on the debate on foreign policy, "America stands united" (2) "Los Angeles, CA: Those laughable 'Buck Privates' Abbott Costello who next are 'In The Navy' take a more serious view of national defense and urge all Americans to back the defense bond drive." (sound but poor video quality) (3) Outlines Woman's Role In War correct date for this story is 5/27/41 "Atlantic City, NJ: Mrs. John Whitehurst, president of the Federation of Women's Clubs, tells of the roles mothers, daughters and sweethearts will play in defending America. They'll even shoulder a gun if need be." sound of Mrs. Whithurst speaking, urging women to buy bonds, and other jobs woman can do. Nazis War On Russia , 1941/06/23 (1941) (1) German Invasion of Russia - "The war's most amazing about-face! Nazi Germany and Red Russia, partners in crime for the Polish campaign, are engaged in a life-and-death struggle along 2,000 miles of frontier. Millions of men and thousands of tanks and planes lock forces in what may well be the turning point of the war. " scenes include stock pictures of Russian farms, military, tanks, Molotov and Japan sign treaty (some sound) (2) "Washington, DC: The Russian envoy, Ambassador Oumansky, presents his country's views on the latest war move. He says that the Nazis have tackled something too big for them this time. Uncle Sam's position in the newest crisis is explained to the press by Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles. The administration says our immediate aim is to 'stop Hitlerism'." sound of Oumansky speaking (3) Canadian local: "U.S. Stars of Stage, Air, and Screen back War Loan Campaign." scenes include Donald Duck puppet Big News of 1941 - The Editors of Universal Newsreel present dramatic highlights of an epochal year, 1941/12/24 (1941) (1) Help For Democracies - America's answer - ships, tanks, guns and planes for the brave actions fighting aggression. As the Arsenal of Democracy, the U.S. delivers the goods!" - scenes include FDR speaking to Congress (2) The 3rd Term - "Unprecedented third term for President Roosevelt! Franklin Delano Roosevelt takes office at gravest crisis in America's history." (3) Sabotage and Strikes - "Flames of destruction destroy vital American factories and supplies. Strikes too cripple defense production, but the advent of war brings epic settlement." (4) The Flight of Hess - "Rudolph Hess, the mystery man of the year. His flight might have been the act of a desparate man to gain peace!" (5) No Oil For Hitler - "The Middle East theatre of war! Britain's occupation of Syria and Iran forestalls Nazi drive into the rich oil fields. (6) Selassie on Throne Again - "in Ethiopia, Hailie Selassie returns to his throne." (7) US Occupies Iceland - "American troops take over Atlantic outpost to counter Nazi drives towards this hemisphere and to protect lanes." (8) Kearny Torpedoed - "Destroyer Kearny is torpedoed, first U.S. naval victim of the war." (9) Russian Victories - "Germany's invasion of the Soviet backfires! heroic defence by the Russians puts the Nazi invasion in reverse. Good news in 1941!" (10) British Win In Libya - "Britain's second drive into the North African country bodes well for the Allies. Imperial forces spread annihilation of Axis forces." (11) Japan's Treachery - "America is drawn into the world-wide war by Jap infamy and treachery in the Pacific. Dastardly dawn attack on Honolulu unites all Americans in vengeful determination to crush the war-lords of Japan. Get behind your President! Work for Victory! Buy Defense Bonds and Stamps!" ends with Victory for America logo. Churchill Safe At Home , 1942/02/02 (1942) (1) Over The Atlantic: "Britain's Prime Minister takes the controls of the huge flying boat that brings him home safely after the triumphal tour in America. His arrival in London is a bright moment for his admirers everywhere." scenes of Winston Churchill (some sound) (2) World of Sports - "Wembley, England: 66,000 fans forget the war for a brief moment of sporting thrills as the English 'football' team tackles the Scotsmen and win, 3-0. Mrs. Churchill gets a big hand from the fans." "Scrap Rubber Needed" - F.D.R , 1942/06/15 (1942) "Washington, DC: President Roosevelt appeals to nation, urging citizens to save and turn in all scrap rubber to Government for use in vital war industries." sound of FDR speech. Allied Convoy Battles Axis , 1942/07/13 (1942) (1) "Mediterranean: Amazing pictures of the great air-sea battle between an Allied Convoy to Malta, and Axis forces. Allied guns fill the air with bursting steel that brings many Nazi and Italian aircraft to sudden destruction. Allied marksmen thwart suicide attack of Italian torpedo plane." - naval combat footage of attacks on the Alexandria convoy (2) Local: Scots Cheer Royalty. Loretta Young Trailer , 1942/11/23 (1942) On location with Loretta Young filming the movie "China," and the actress speaks about Women At War Week begins Nov. 22, a "call to arms for all American women." F.D.R. Starts $9,000,000,000 'V' Loan Drive ,1942/11/30 (1942) Sound of FDR speaking on the war bond campaign. Dover (1942) A documentary short film produced by the Great Britain Ministry of Information, released by the Office of War Information, distributed by the War Activities Committee of the Motion Picture Industry, introduced and narrated by Edward R. Murrow: "On the stamina of residents of Dover, England, during German bombing. Recounts two years of German aerial attacks on Dover and their lessening as England strikes back. Soldiers and citizens express confidences. Shows scenes of destruct

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