Vita Malta Ginger perplex and yet

a delicious combination of flavors! Vita Malta Ginger takes the great taste of Malta, a non alcoholic beer like beverage that is smooth, thick, and creamy, and combines it with the spicy intoxicating taste of the ginger root. This complicated and yet highly addictive flavor contains the finest choice of hops, the sweet tasting blend of natural honey, the original twist of black licorice flavoring, and only the highest grains of barley and wheat. Vita Malta Ginger is unlike any other. Vita Malta Ginger is a carbonated wheat soda, a type of soft drink, that provides optimum hydration while invigorating your body, mind, and spirit. This specially formulated, non fermented beer like beverage comes in a 6 pack of 10 ounce bottles that are green in color and feature the Vita Malta symbol on the label. Pass them around, share them with your friends and family, or store them away for a rainy day. Vita Malta Ginger tastes somewhat like a ginger ale or ginger beer, but has the qualities of a young beer with a smooth, rich texture that is thirst quenching and refreshing, with just a subtle hint of black licorice, giving it that extra added oomph. Place your order of Vita Malta Ginger here and get your own, cause some times some things are just to good to share!

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Vita Malta Ginger 10 oz (6 Pack)

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vita malta ginger 10 oz 6 pack



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