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Virginia Book Collection on CD The Historical Virginia Book Collection is a collection of 76 volumes relating to the history of Virginia and its people primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. Several of the volumes have great period illustrations and portraits of relevant historical figures. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below. Industrial and historical sketch of Fairfax County, Virginia (1907) - Fairfax County Board of Supervisors - 95 pages Craig County, Virginia; (1907) - Castle, Va. Board of trade - 20 pages "Old chapel," Clarke County, Virginia (1906) - Hughes, Charles Randolph - 74 pages History of Augusta County, Virginia (1882) - Peyton, John Lewis - 396 pages King and Queen County, Virginia (1908) - Bagby, Alfred - 402 pages Annals of Bath County, Virginia (1978) - Morton, Oren Frederic - 208 Annals of Augusta County, Virginia Supplement (1888) - Waddell Joseph A - pages 381 to 492 A handbook of Caroline County, Virginia (1907) - Caroline County (Va.). Board of Supervisors - 16 pages Sweet Chalybeate Springs Alleghany County, Virginia .. (1901) - 32 pages Pioneer settlers of Grayson County, Virginia (1914) - Nuckolls, B. F. (Benjamin Floyd) - 206 pages History of Hampton and Elizabeth City County, Virginia (1922) - Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, 1853-1935 - 56 pages Charlotte County, Virginia : historical, statistical, and present attractions (1907) - Carrington, J. Cullen (John Cullen) - 142 pages History of Tazewell county and southwest Virginia, 1748-1920 (1920) - Pendleton, William C. (William Cecil) - 700 pages History and comprehensive of Loudoun County, Virginia (1908) - Head, James W. (James William) - 186 pages A history of Rockbridge County, Virginia (1920) - Morton, Oren Frederic - 574 pages Rand, McNally's indexed railroad and county map of Virginia (1883) - 62 pages Annals of Augusta county, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871 (1902) - Waddell, Joseph Addison - 545 pages Augusta County, Virginia, in the history of the United States (1918) - Dunlap, Boutwell - 73 pages Historical sketch of Bedford County, Virginia. 1753 to 1907 (1907) - 121 pages History of southwest Virginia, 1746-1786, Washington County, 1777-1870 (1903) - Summers, Lewis Preston - 921 pages History of Harrison County, West Virginia : from the early days of Northwestern Virginia to the present (1910) - Haymond, Henry - 483 pages Genealogy of the Mercer-Garnett family of Essex county, Virginia. Supposed to be descended from the Garnetts of Lancashire, England. Comp. from original records, and from oral and written statements of members of the family (1910) - Garnett, James Mercer - 186 pages Virginia survey, 1861 (1861) - Note: This book is hand written. - 348 pages Some prominent Virginia families Volume 4 (1907) - Pecquet du Bellet, Louise, 1853-; Jaquelin, Edward, 1668-1730; Jaquelin, Martha (Cary) 1686-1733 - 432 pages George Mason of Virginia; (1901) - Machen, Lewis Henry - 34 pages The Virginia Todds (1913) - Witcraft, John R. (John Randolph) - 34 pages The history of Judge John Pence and descendants, born in Shenandoah County, Virginia, January 15, 1775. Resided in Champaign County, Ohio, Bartholomew County, Indiana, and Henderson County, Illinois (1912) - Pence, Kingsley Adolphus - 126 pages Halifax County, Virginia: a handbook prepared under the direction of the Board of supervisors (1907) - Morrison, Alfred J. (Alfred James), Halifax County (Va.). Board of Supervisors - 93 pages Rural land ownership among the negroes of Virginia with special reference to Albemarle county (1915) - Bitting, Samuel T. (Samuel Tilden) - 110 pages Military operations in Jefferson County, Virginia (and West Va.) 1861-1865 (1911) - 43 pages Ancestry and descendants of Lieut. John Henderson, of Greenbrier County, Virginia, 1650-1900 (1902) - Miller, Joseph Lyon - 37 pages A history of Prince Edward county, Virginia, from its formation in 1753 to the present .. (1922) - Burrell, Charles Edward - 408 pages History of Clarke County, Virginia and its connection with the war between the states (1914) - Gold, Thomas Daniel - 337 pages Westmoreland County, Virginia : parts I and II : a short chapter and bright day in its history (1912) - Wright, T. R. B. (Thomas Roane Barnes), Washington, Lawrence, McKim, Randolph H. (Randolph Harrison), Beale, George William - 153 pages Family tree of Jacob Garber of Augusta County, Virginia and his descendants (1919) - Garber, Solomon Wine - 50 pages Pulaski County, Virginia. A historic and descriptive sketch designed to show forth the natural advantages (1907) - Pulaski Co., Va. Commission. Jamestown exposition - 96 pages The descendants of John Stubbs of Cappahosic, Gloucester County, Virginia, 1652 (1902) - Stubbs, William Carter - 116 pages History of the Swope family and descendants of Rockingham County, Virginia (1896) - Swope Family History Committee - 390 pages History of Tucker County, West Virginia, from the earliest explorations and settlements to the present time; (1884) - Maxwell, Hu, 1Hyde, Henry Clay - 574 pages The life of the Reverend Devereux Jarratt, rector of Bath parish, Dinwiddie county, Virginia (1806) - Jarratt, Devereux, Coleman, John - 322 pages Old Virginia and her neighbours Volume 1 (1900) - Fiske, John - 318 pages Old Virginia and her neighbours Volume 2 (1900) - Fiske, John - 397 pages The London company of Virginia; a brief account of its transactions in colonizing Virginia, with photogravures of the more prominent leaders reproduced from the collection of historical portraits at Oakridge, Nelson county, Virginia, secured for exhibition at the Jamestown exposition (1908) - Ellyson, James Taylor, Ryan, Thomas Fortune - 132 pages Battle roll of Surry County, Virginia, in the War Between the States, with historical and personal notes (1913) - Jones, Benjamin Washington - 70 pages The Skeltons of Paxton, Powhatan County, Virginia : and their connections, including sketches of the families of Skelton, Gifford and Crane (1922) - Baskervill, P. Hamilton (Patrick Hamilton) - 119 pages Rural life in Litchfield County (1917) - Phelps, Charles Shepherd; Litchfield County University Club - 137 pages The Virginia magazine of history and biography (Volume yr.1907-1908) - Virginia Historical Society - 572 pages The Virginia magazine of history and biography (Volume 21) - Virginia Historical Society - 540 pages The Virginia magazine of history and biography (Volume 28) - Virginia Historical Society - 492 pages The Virginia magazine of history and biography (Volume yr.1917) - Bruce, Philip Alexander - 1138 pages Collections of the Virginia Historical Society (Volume 7) - Virginia Historical Society - 218 pages Hughes family of Kentucky and Virginia (1920) - Hughes, Lydia Annie, Sullivan, Richard Hughes - 48 pages History of Summers County from the earliest settlement to the present time (1908) - Miller, James H. (James Henry), Clark, Maude Vest - 838 pages The descendants of Capt. Thomas Carter of "Barford", Lancaster County, Virginia, 1652-1912; with genealogical notes of many of the allied families (1912) - Miller, Joseph Lyon, Campbell, Effie Shelton - 388 pages A History of Orange County, Virginia, from its formation in 1734 (o.s.) to the end of reconstruction in 1870: (1907) - Scott, William Wallace - 292 pages Donald Robertson and his wife, Rachel Rogers, of King and Queen County, Virginia, their ancestry and posterity; also, a brief account of the ancestry of Commodore Richard Taylor of Orange County, Virginia, and his naval history during the war of the American Revolution (1900) - Anderson, William Kyle - 261 pages Lives of Virginia Baptists ministers (1838) - Taylor, James B. (James Barnett) - 492 pages Virginia Baptist ministers. 5th series, 1902-1914, with supplement (1915) - Taylor, George Braxton - 525 pages The Virginia Lichtensteins; amplified by historical and biographical data (1912) - 16 pages Round about Jamestown; historical sketches of the lower Virginia peninsula (1907) - Davis, J. E. (Jane Eliza) - 104 pages Virginia heraldica : being a registry of Virginia gentry entitled to coat armor, with genealogical notes of the families (1908) - Crozier, William Armstrong - 112 pages The Nowlin-Stone genealogy; a record of the descendants of James Nowlin, who came to Pittsylvania County, Virginia, from Ireland about 1700; of Bryan Ward Nowlin, grandson of James Nowlin, who was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, about 1740; of Micheal Nowlin; and of the earlier Nowlins (Nowlans) of Ireland; and also a record of the descendants of George Stone; and of James Hoskin Stone, who was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, in 1778; and also a record of the descendants of Edmund Fitzgerald (1916) - Nowlin, James Edmund, Nowlin, Mary - 548 pages Albemarle County in Virginia; giving some account of what it was by nature, of what it was made by man, and of some of the men who made it (1901) - Woods, Edgar, Coddington, Anne Bartlett; Dunlap, Edward N - 407 pages The Nance memorial: a history of the Nance family in general, but more particularly of Clement Nance, of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and descendants, containing historical and biographical records with family lineage (1904) - Nance, George W. (George Washington) - 353 pages Copies of the wills of General George Washington, the first president of the United States and of Martha Washington, his wife : and other interesting records of the county of Fairfax, Virginia, wherein they lived and died (1923) - Washington, George, Holbrook, Elton Richardson, Snowden, W. H. (William H.) - 60 pages The story of a southern school : the Episcopal high school of Virginia (1922) - Kinsolving, Arthur Barksdale - 330 pages Men of mark in Virginia, ideals of American life; a collection of biographies of the leading men in the state (Volume 1) - Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, Editor - 426 pages Men of mark in Virginia, ideals of American life; a collection of biographies of the leading men in the state (Volume 2) - Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, Editor - 442 pages Men of mark in Virginia, ideals of American life; a collection of biographies of the leading men in the state (Volume 3) - Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, Editor - 460 pages Men of mark in Virginia, ideals of American life; a collection of biographies of the leading men in the state (Volume 4) - Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, Editor - 456 page Men of mark in Virginia, ideals of American life; a collection of biographies of the leading men in the state (Volume 5) - Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, Editor - 490 pages A history of Virginia from its discovery till the year 1781. With biographical sketches of all the most distinguished characters that occur in the colonial, revolutionary, or subsequent period of our history (1813) - Campbell, John Wilson, Hoge, Moses - 310 pages The history of the Virginia federal convention of 1788, with some account of eminent Virginians of that era who were members of the body Volume 1 (1890) - Grigsby, Hugh Blair - 372 pages The history of the Virginia federal convention of 1788, with some account of eminent Virginians of that era who were members of the body Volume 2 (1890) - Grigsby, Hugh Blair - 411 pages Virginia militia in the Revolutionary War : McAllister's data (c1913) - McAllister, J. T. (Joseph Thompson) - 357 pages The parish register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va., from 1653 to 1812 (1897) - Christchurch,Va. Christ Church; National Society of the Colonial Dames of America - 341 pages Here are the computer requirements to run and operate this CD. 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