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ogy includes Etherlords and Etherlords 2. 1. Etherlords - Etherlords is a game designed to challenge strategic thinking while entertaining with multimedia. In a style based on trading card games (such as Wizards of the Coast s popular Magic: The Gathering), players take the roles of sorcerers from one of four mystical lands. By managing resources, defending assets, and challenging rivals, the sorcerers develop spells and gain more power. Players do battle in a mystical 3D game world featuring over 150 monstrous creatures to control and 300 different spells to cast. Turn-based strategy game offers 14 distinct missions within a 3D fantasy setting Play as one of four races and use decks of cards to defeat enemies in tactical combat Multiplayer support via LAN or Internet 2. Etherlords II - It is the era after the "Time of Change," and four races -- Synthets, Chaots, Vitals, and Kinets -- battle for domination. Etherlords II continues the turn-based tactical gameplay of Etherlords with refined strategic options, more creature-cards to control, and a powerful map editor. Players now control the same hero for an entire campaign and oversee his/her development -- hero progress is also represented by changes in appearance. Heroes can wield up to 16 spells in a battle, and additional spells can now be stored in a "rucksack" for later use. Five campaigns are filled with non-linear missions, boats, tunnels, transports, and hundreds of spells and creatures. Turn-based strategy game offers five distinct campaigns within a 3D fantasy setting Play as one of four races and use decks of cards to defeat enemies in tactical combat Includes five multiplayer modes System Requirements OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX 7.0 or higher CPU: 300 MHz Pentium II / Athlon RAM: 64 MB VGA: 8 MB 3D videocard GeForce / Radeon HDD: 1.4 GB hard disk space. Another 500 MB recommended for save games and for the swap-file On Feb-13-17 at 10:05:43 PST Add a map to your own listings. Trial !

Video Game-Etherlords Anthology - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, DirectX 7.0 or Higher

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