This is a great Marlboro lighted

advertising sign that says COME TO MARLBORO COUNTRY...and a very large sign as well!! It is double-sided so it lights on both sides. It also has strips at the bottom to insert lettering for messages, which is also on both sides. Sign is 38" long, 24" tall and 5" deep. Manufactured by Display Systems and is Model # 36. I could not find any date anywhere. It takes a 40 watt lightbulb. It has round hook-eyes on each side for hanging. Sign is in great condition. A great Marlboro collectible!! Don t make em like this anymore!!! Thanks for looking!! Please note that Atomic Mall has introduced a detailed rating system that is based on 1-to-5 stars in four categories. However, most Atomic Mall buyers are not aware that a 4-star rating, for example, which would usually be considered a good or very good rating to most people, is considered to Atomic Mall as failing and sellers who receive less than a 4.6 rating are being charged more to list and sell on Atomic Mall. Our rating system is based on a 30-day average, so one or two 4 s a month can really knock you down!! These sellers items will also appear lower in search results thus decreasing the likelihood of a sale and making it more difficult for you to find what you are looking for. If you would be so kind, please use care when you complete the survey because the rating will have a huge impact on the seller s ability to continue to sell on Atomic Mall. Also, when completing the cost rating, please consider that our mailing supplies; bubble wrap, plastic protectors, photo mailers, padded envelopes, tape, etc., are not to us. And the Atomic Mall "Wizard" calculates most postage now. I try and refund any amount that is excessive of the costs. If you are unhappy with a transaction, please contact me and I will work with you to resolve any problems. I strive for customer satisfaction and nothing can not be fixed!! If, on the other hand, you are pleased with the results, please take the time to complete the survey with the 5-star rating-it would be most appreciated!!!** Also, please consider that sellers are charged listing fees and final value fees by Atomic Mall; as well as, fees to Paypal for using their service. So our selling prices and prices are not the amount we receive!! 00152

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vintage marlboro country large lighted advertising sign



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