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g 2 Anthology includes the original game and both expansion packs: Fall of the Reich and Liberation. 1. Blitzkrieg 2 - Blitzkrieg 2 is a real-time strategy game that plays out across historically modeled 3D landscapes of World War II. Battles take place around the globe -- in Europe, Northern Africa, and the Pacific Theater -- and are based on the real-life engagements that took place during the war. The game features four campaigns, allowing players to fight from the perspective of the Russians, the British, the Germans, and the Americans. More than 250 unit types are available, so a built-in encyclopedia is available to help players brush up on their history and choose the best troops for the fight ahead. Like the original Blitzkrieg games, Blitzkrieg 2 was developed by the strategy-action specialists at Nival Interactive. 2. Fall Of The Reich - Blitzkrieg II : Fall of the Reich expands the original Blitzkrieg II by allowing gamers to complete their WWII campaign in Europe. Taking command of Russian, German, or American armies, single game room generals must create a plan of strategic action, manage wartime resources, and adjust their tactics to compensate for enemy advances. Players will guide units of supply trucks, engineers, infantry, snipers, pilots, paratroopers, and planes to their destination in 16 historical missions that include the "Siege of Budapest," "Fortress Kurland," and "Operation Bagration." Online, gamers can challenge friends to four maps of WWII combat and earn such rewards as the Kurland Cuff and the Medal for the Capture of Budapest. 3. Liberation - This standalone expansion for Nival Interactive s WWII-themed real-time strategy game let s players join either the United States or Germany in large-scale military operations. Two separate campaigns find gamers controlling more than 250 authentic WWII units and 60 types of infantry as they deploy a variety of weaponry in 3D environments. Battles and missions can be completed in any order, allowing players to use their own strategy when approaching the war, and multiplayer fans can join friends for intense head-to-head battles thanks to built-in matchmaking and auto-rating systems. Features: World War II is taken into full 3D with stunning visual effects to display all the battlefield action and glory. Fall of the Reich : This covers three major offensives from the final days of fighting on The Eastern front. Liberation : The gritty realism of World War II is brought to life with the choice of two different campaigns. Lead the Allied forces as they battle through Italy or oversee the escape of the German and Italian armies from France. Impressive visuals mean you can experience the beautiful European landscape before your tank rumbles through and the bombs begin to fall. System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Windows7 (tested) DirectX 9.0c (or later) Internet Explorer 5.0 (or later) Pentium III 1000 MHz 256 MB RAM 3D video card with 32 MB RAM and T L support, e.g. GeForce 3 class Monitor supporting 1024x768 resolution 32x CD-ROM DirectX compatible Sound adapter 1.3 GB hard drive space (plus about 500 MB for Windows swap file and save games) On Feb-13-17 at 10:07:58 PST Add a map to your own listings. Trial !

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