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Ultimate Puzzle Collection 2008 + BONUS (2 CDs) for Windows - NEW in DVD BOX
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Buy ultimate puzzle collection 2008 bonus 2 cds windows new dvd box at AtomicMall.com

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Ultimate Puzzle Collection 2008

CD-ROM for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

Copyright Year: 2008 Edition
Publisher: ValuSoft


4 Complete Games for Every Puzzle Lover!

Puzzle lovers will enjoy five full version puzzles sure to keep you entertained for hours. Test your skills and challenge your brain with 1001 word games for the entire family. Test your Solitaire skills and select from hundreds of game variations, or create your very own game. Become the Sudoku Master, and try your hand at playing seven game modes. Enjoy Mahjongg with more tiles sets, layouts and backgrounds with many ways to play! As an added bonus, you can also enjoy the quest for the crown jewel. There is something for everyone in the family to play in this collection.

Product Titles Included:
  • 1,001 Ultimate Word Games
  • Ultimate Solitaire 1000
  • Ultimate Sudoku: The Emperor's Challenge
  • Ultimate Mahjongg 20
  • Bonus: Crystalize! 2

    Product Overview:

    1,001 Ultimate Word Games

    Can your brain handle the strain? Play alone or challenge other word smiths to complete puzzles faster than you. Whether at home or on the go, this is the ultimate collection of 1,001 brain-busting word games! Test your skills and challenge your brain!


    • At Home or On the Go! Play your favorite word games on the computer, or print the puzzle and the solution to take with you wherever you go!
    • Brain-Building Games! Build your brain while you play games!Expand your vocabulary and enhance your problem solving skills!
    • Instant Fun & Instant Solutions! No need to wait until tomorrow to find out the solution to your puzzle. Get the solution now with the click of a mouse.
    • Fun Now & Fun Later! No time to finish your puzzle? Simply save your unfinished games to come back and finish later.


    • 270+ Crosswords
    • 275+ Word Searches
    • 100+ Codebreakers
    • 145+ Kriss Kross
    • 200+ Number Jigs

    Ultimate Solitaire 1000

    Play all of your favorite Solitaire games, plus try your hand at hundreds of original new ways to play for a total of 1,000 unique Solitaire variations. Dazzling 3D graphics and an easy-to-navigate interface get you into the action with the click of a mouse. Get ready for endless hours of fun in this Solitaire Collection!


    • Test your skills at Aces High, Free Cell and Klondike, select from hundreds of other addictive Solitaire variations, or create your own game!
    • Play using 80+ fun card designs, or import pictures to create your own cards.
    • Customize each game by selecting from over 100 fun backgrounds.
    • Learn new Solitaire games using the Wizard, and let the Tips & Hints help you out during a tough game.
    • Play all of your favorite Solitaire variations, including Pyramid, Spider and more. Try any of the hundreds of fun new variations, or create your own game!
    • Use the Ultimate Solitaire Wizard to learn new games. Stuck in a game? Use the Tips & Hints to get yourself out of a tough spot and win the game.
    • Play using over 80 creative card decks, or create your own cards by importing pictures of your kids, grandkids, pets, friends or favorite vacation spots!
    • Test your Solitaire skills on your own, play against your friends or even compete against the clock for a new Solitaire challenge.
    • Low vision cards make playing Solitaire even easier. Whether it's you or a loved one who needs reading glasses to play, no one needs them to play Ultimate Solitaire 1000!

    Ultimate Sudoku: The Emperor's Challenge

    Let Wisdom Be Your Guide as You Take on the Emperor's Challenge. For many centuries, the Emperor's subjects proved their worthiness and intellect solving Sudoku puzzles. Now, you too can let your wisdom, logic, and patience guide you in solving the trickiest puzzles ever. You need not be a math genius. You need only love the challenge of reaching balance and harmony in each puzzle. Then you too, can achieve the desirable honor of Sudoku Master.


    • Create your own puzzles for an infinite number of challenges.
    • Try your skill playing 7 game modes, including Beat the Clock, Symbol Sudoku & Arcade Sudoku.
    • Print or email puzzles to solve at home or on the go.
    • Learn to play the newest puzzle craze! Get an introduction to Kakuro!
    • Accept the Challenge. Become the Master.
    • Select from 7 game modes, from easy to impossible using words, letters, symbols & more.
    • Create your own puzzles to test your skill for an infinite number of challenges.
    • Print or e-mail puzzles to solve at home, in the car, in the air or on the train.
    • Impress your friends using the Solution Helper to solve newspaper puzzles.

    Ultimate Mahjongg 20

    Select your favorite classic Mahjongg game, or learn a new variation. Get the most fun out of Mahjongg with the most layouts, the most tile sets & the most ways to play! Challenge Yourself With Creative Tile Layouts.
    Test your skill and try your patience with fun 3D Mahjongg layouts, or create your own with the Layout Editor!


    • 2,500+ Backgrounds
    • 500+ Mahjongg Layouts
    • 500 Unique Tile Sets
    • For Added Fun, Create Your Own Mahjongg Tile Sets Backgrounds and Layouts!
    • 20 Exciting Games to play!
    • Awesome Mahjongg Variations!
    • Play your favorite classic Mahjongg
    • Change Each Game With Impressive 500+ Tile Sets!
    • Select from hundreds of eye-popping tile sets?No one gives you more! For added fun, you can even create your own tile sets!
    • Never Ending Background Choices!
    • Choose from 2,500+ breathtaking backgrounds, or import your favorite family or vacation photos for an infinite number of background choices!
    • Exclusive Animations Put Your Mahjongg in Motion!
    • Watch the tiles dance with each matched pair, then reveal cool animated backgrounds as you clear the board.
    • Solitaire - Two Player - Memory
    • Shisen - Waterfall - Arcade - Speed
    • Tournament - Freefall - Countdown
    • Nanjing - Online - Sap Tim Pun Plus 7 More Ways to Play!
    • Exclusive Animated tile sets and backgrounds add more fun to your favorite game!

    Minimum System Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP: Pentium III 1GHz or compatible processor, 256 MB of RAM, 1 GB free Hard Disk space, DirectX 9.0c, 32 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible Video Card, DirectX 9.0c compatible Sound Card, 8X CD-ROM drive, Mouse, Windows compatible printer to print puzzles and solutions.

    NEW in Factory-Sealed DVD BOX as pictured!


    Publisher: ValuSoft

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